Nexira to introduce acacia gum, olive extract at IFT

Nexira to introduce acacia gum, olive extract at IFT

Fibregum Crystal has enhanced properties for performance in clear beverages and functional foods; Oli-Ola has a guaranteed 3 percent hydroxytyrosol content.

Nexira, premier supplier of natural ingredients for the food and health industries, will exhibit at the IFT 2012 - Booth 3375. Nexira will demonstrate its leadership in innovations by introducing Fibergum Crystal, the new generation of natural fibers. During IFT, Nexira will also present its natural origin olive extract, Oli-Ola.

Fibregum Crystal
Fibregum Crystal is a new highly purified acacia gum with enhanced properties for exceptional performance in clear beverages and functional foods. Fibregum Crystal provides a broad range of advantages:

  • Ultra clear and transparent
  • Excellent source of soluble dietary fiber
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Lower turbidity than any other source of natural soluble fiber

Fibregum Crystal is the perfect natural solution to replace other dietary fibers that consumers have reported create gas, bloating and other discomfort in their daily life. Fibregum is an all-natural and GMO-free source of soluble dietary fiber with a guaranteed minimum of 90 percent on a dry weight basis (AOAC 985.29).

Clinical studies have demonstrated the numerous health benefits of Fibregum and its prebiotic properties at 6, 10 and 15 grams/day. The unique progressive fermentation of Fibregum by beneficial intestinal microflora supports digestive health with no negative side effects.

Health Canada has recognized the Fibregum brand of acacia gum as a dietary fiber source in Canada. Furthermore, Health Canada has approved the classification of Fibregum as “traditional dietary fiber” and not a “novel fiber.” Health Canada has clearly said they have “no objection” to the sale of Fibregum Acacia gum as dietary fiber for labelling purposes in Canada.

Oli-Ola, premium olive extract
Nexira is reinforcing its position in the organic ingredients market by launching Oli-Ola, a new innovative olive extract with a guaranteed 3 percent hydroxytyrosol content.

Hydroxytyrosol is the major phenolic compound naturally occurring in olive fruit, it’s a highly potent antioxidant properties have been demonstrated in various food products: beverage, meat, margarine and mayonnaise. A health claim was granted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for hydroxytyrosol and the protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage. The corresponding active dosage of Oli-Ola is 170 mg/day.

Oli-Ola is water soluble and suitable for functional food and dietary supplements. Oli-Ola is an all-natural ingredient from organic olives, solvent free and without any pesticide residues.

Oli-Ola provides a broad range of benefits:

  • Offers a positive impact on the deleterious effects of oxidative stress
  • Protects endogenous antioxidant system (Healthy Mediterranean diet)
  • Reduces lipid peroxidation (Cells membranes protection)
  • Protects skin cells (Protection against oxidative stress induced by UVB)


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