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Next Pharmaceuticals Redesigns its Website to Highlight Company’s Growth and New Product Offerings

Next Pharmaceuticals Redesigns its Website to Highlight Company’s Growth and New Product Offerings

Salinas, CA, January 26, 2009: Next Pharmaceuticals (NP) announces their newly redesigned and expanded website, It is now possible to access the many scientific articles that support their branded proprietary raw materials. Each ingredient is explained in great detail, making it an ideal site for those interested in researching their innovative and efficacious product line. The site also acknowledges those companies that provide product to the consumer, the professional healthcare channel and private label manufacturers.

“Next Pharmaceuticals has grown significantly since the company’s inception into the dietary supplement industry and it was time that our website reflected that growth and loyalty to our customers,” said Charles Kosmont, CEO of NP. “We are proud to emphasize our continuing commitment to the science behind each of our ingredients.”

Next Pharmaceuticals (NP) develops unique and innovative natural raw materials for the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. The goal of the company is to offer patented, branded, clinically tested ingredients to help the consumer lead a healthier life. NP has successfully developed six plant extracts, both patented and proprietary, plus Chromulin®, a new safer form of the essential trace mineral chromium. These products have significantly expanded the choices for self-care products, while providing consumer brands with powerful product differentiation. NP has developed Relora® for relaxation and stress-related appetite control, Seditol® for improved sleep, Nexrutine® for inflammation due to over exertion and exercise, Citri-Z® for heart health; Flavoxine® for healthy cholesterol, and Citrofen® joint for mobility and comfort.

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