NKO(TM) Neptune Krill Oil for Healthy Hearts, Joints and Easing PMS Symptoms

NKO™ Neptune Krill Oil Provides Support on Multiple Levels

Scotts Valley, California – August 15, 2003 – Source Naturals®, creators of the highly acclaimed line of health supplements, has introduced NKO Neptune Krill Oil.

Essential fatty acids are enormously important to good health. They are the building blocks for phospholipids, and phospholipids are the building blocks for protective cell membranes. A good balance of essential fatty acids provides building blocks for healthy cells, but an imbalance can lead to critical health concerns. One such imbalance can be getting too many omega-6 fatty acids from processed foods and not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids.

“NKO Neptune Krill Oil is the first product to feature phospholipids specially integrated with omega-3 essential fatty acids,” said Source Naturals Nutritional Scientist Adina Licht. “Along with naturally high levels of the antioxidant astaxanthin, these complexes are believed to be better utilized in the body than stand-alone phospholipid or omega-3 products.”

The results of providing cell membranes with effective building blocks can be astounding. In human clinical studies, NKO supplementation supported healthy joints, hearts, lipid and blood sugar levels, energy production, athletic perfomance, liver function and eased women’s PMS symptoms.

Source Naturals – founded in California by Ira Goldberg in 1982 – is committed to enhancing individual potential to enjoy optimal health and well-being by providing superior quality dietary supplements and nutritional education. For more information, pricing or purchase locations, please visit http://www.sourcenaturals.com.

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