Nordic Naturals Addresses Important Detoxification Issues With New Product: Ultimate Detox Formula

Watsonville, California - Nordic Naturals, Inc. is pleased to introduce its third party tested Ultimate Detox Formula dietary supplement, a powerful tool for the release, removal and defense against heavy metal toxins. Suitable for vegetarians and children, the fast dissolving tablets provide an advanced blend of binding nutrients including alginate, the carbohydrate that makes up algae cell walls. The company has also added synergistic and powerful antioxidants to the formula to maximize and support the detoxification process including NAC, selenium, zinc and Vitamin C. The dosages for the Ultimate Detox Formula provide for gradual removal, which reduces the chance of burdening the kidneys or overwhelming the system. “The benefit of this product is particularly important at this time because of the dangerously high levels of mercury, lead, cadmium and copper in our food, water and air,” say Joar Opheim, President of Nordic Naturals. He adds, “It has been conservatively estimated that 25% of the US population suffers from some aspect of heavy metal poisoning.” In third party laboratory analysis, Nordic’s Algae-Bind™ alginate in their formula bound with 100% of the methyl mercury and significant amounts of aluminum, cadmium, lead and antimony in a simulated gastric environment.

Scientific research conducted over the past 35 years has demonstrated the binding ability of sodium alginate to heavy metals and radioactive substances. Since alginate cannot be broken down by bile, saliva or absorbed by the body, it ends up being excreted together with the heavy metals and/or radioactive substances. Alginate can also remove isotopes previously absorbed by the human body from polluted air, water or contaminated food. The effects of heavy metals on the physiology include fatigue, immune system suppression, neurological disorders, learning and attention difficulties, free radical damage and muscular-skeletal complaints.

Nordic Naturals is a leading manufacturer and provider of omega 3 essential fatty acids in the dietary supplement and medical industries. The company offers both a retail line and a professional of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils as well as detox products. Actively involved in research and education, the company is a member of the Natural Health Institute and the Omega-3 Research Institute.

Nordic Naturals’ products are available through practitioners, health food stores, pharmacies and other fine retail outlets in the U.S.

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