Nordic Naturals CEO says ‘not for sale’

Nordic Naturals CEO says ‘not for sale’

Founder and CEO Joar Opheim responds to recent industry acquisition by reaffirming Nordic Naturals' commitment to remaining an independent company.

In light of recent acquisitions in the natural products industry, Nordic Naturals, the leading manufacturer of omega-3 supplements, has announced it is holding steady with no plans to sell. According to Joar Opheim, founder and CEO, “Our vision for this company has never been small or limited by the short term. The plan for Nordic Naturals is to be around for 150 years and beyond, ensuring generations of healthier, happier people around the world.”

Founded in 1995, Nordic Naturals pioneered a new definition of fish oil in the United States based on Norwegian knowledge and stringent standards for purity and freshness. The company has created a model of sustainability based on industry-leading products, truthful and ethical business practices, and powerful performance led by product efficacy and values-driven innovation.

“Our commitment to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils has driven our company since its inception,” Opheim explained. “There is a global omega-3 deficiency and we are dedicated to correcting it so that each generation has what it needs to grow healthy and strong.

“This is why Nordic Naturals has always been independent and, in order to bring our vision to fruition, why the company will remain privately owned,” Opheim emphasized. “This undertaking has taken years of deeply committed work from myself, my family and our dedicated employees, and there is more to do.”

Nordic Naturals’ corporate culture is characterized by a passionate commitment to sustainability that touches every aspect of its daily operations. Vertical integration across supply chain and processing provides a foundation of control and accountability over critical factors such as freshness, purity, and social/environmental responsibility. Patented manufacturing technologies including flavoring and processing have not only shaped standards for the industry, but also have increased the acceptability of fish oil to consumer palates, encouraging broader use. Nordic Naturals Gold LEED certified headquarters is further proof of its commitment to the health of the company, its employees, and the planet.

“We’re unique in many ways—from how we source our raw materials, to our multi-patented manufacturing process, to our research-driven product innovation,” Opheim said. “We became the industry leader because of our commitment—commitment to quality, to our customers, to sustainability, to faithfully fulfilling our mission of correcting the global omega-3 deficiency. That commitment remains absolute.”


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