Nordic Naturals: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Norwegian Standards for Fish Oils far surpass U.S. Standards of Freshness and Purity

Watsonville, California (January 1, 2002) Nordic Naturals is pleased to introduce its Ultimate Omega line of omega-3 fatty acids, specially formulated for the retail market. Having already established their professional line to health care practitioners throughout the U.S. and Europe, Nordic Naturals, an authentic Norwegian company, offers consumers a product that delivers purity and freshness far beyond the standards now accepted in the United States. Nordic Naturals follows the strict Norway Medicinal standards and the European Medicinal Pharmacopoeia standards besides its regular GMPs in its manufacturing in Norway. The products are approved by the FDA and an independent lab in the U.S. provides 3rd party analysis guaranteeing no PCBs, heavy metals or pesticides.

“When I first arrived in the United States 13 years ago, my wife and I recognized the lack of quality oils here. Having been born and raised in Norway, I was aware of the importance of fish in the diet from a young age,” says Joar Opheim, founder and president of Nordic Naturals. “My mission became clear,” he adds, “ – to provide the world with the purest and freshest sources of essential fatty acids with greatly improved taste and stability to maintain optimum cellular health.”

Nordic Naturals sets itself apart from other manufacturers by offering these unique features:

      • No PCBS, heavy metals, pesticides/GMO and Hexane free: Using mackerel, sardines and anchovies from primarily the Arctic Ocean (one of the cleanest and purest bodies of water in the world), the company guarantees through their molecular distillation process (a low heat purification method) less than 2.5 particles per billion of mercury, which is 400 times better than the FDA requirements.


      • No Rancidity: Using a nitrogen exclusive manufacturing process, there is no chance of oxidation to occur which causes rancidity. High rancidity levels in oils render them toxic to the human body. Nordic Naturals is the only company utilizing a nitrogen manufacturing process.


      • Freshness: Advanced lipid antioxidant stabilizers are added for industry-leading freshness levels and extended shelf life.


      • Taste: Free from fish taste and odor, Nordic Naturals offers consumers 100% naturally flavored oil and gel caps through a patented flavoring process. Greatly improved palatability and the absence of burping an undesirable aftertaste make Nordic Naturals a favorite for children as well as adults.


      • Concentration: Nordic Naturals’ distillation processes (flash and molecular) guarantee concentrations that are both naturally occurring within the fish as well as allowing for higher concentrations when desirable.


    • Efficacy: Taste, freshness and purity translate into optimal absorption and effective utilization of the omega-3 fatty acids for maximized benefits. Research indicates that the average American diet is deficient in these critical nutrients.

The Ultimate Omega line includes 6 natural formulas that have been blended to support a variety of functions in the body including cardiovascular health, increased memory, joint mobility and central nervous system development in the fetus and infant. Nordic Naturals’ products are available at health food stores, pharmacies and other fine retail outlets in the U.S.


Full size samples are available upon request.
Joar Opheim is available for comment or an interview by calling 831.724.6200.

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