Northland Seed & Grain's Soybean Seed Varieties Approved For Registration in Italian and EU Seed Catalogs

Northland Seed & Grain Corporation, based in Minnesota, USA and S.I.S. (Società Italiana Sementi S.p.A.), based in Bologna, Italy, are proud to announce that Northland's high protein soybean seed varieties Royalpro®, Soyapro®, Minnpro®, Altapro® and Toyopro® have all been approved for registration in the Italian and EU seed catalogs. Northland's collaboration with SIS resulted in the completion of a two year official registration and inscription process with final acceptance of these five varieties, which will now be commercially available for production and use in the food and feed industry in the EU.

Northland’s Non-GMO and Organic specialty soybean varieties were developed specifically for characteristics most desired by food manufacturers of soymilk, tofu, soy sauce, soy proteins and other soy food applications. These seed varieties have been popular for food production use in the USA and Japan. After completing successful trial productions in Italy, Hungary and France, Northland and SIS now plan to expand production of these food-use varieties in Europe and continue to develop new, high protein, specialty soybean seeds with the use of traditional seed breeding methods. Northland never uses genetic modification in their seed development program.

Northland Seed & Grain and its sister company, Northland Organic Foods, develop, produce and market both Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO seeds, raw materials such as sunflower, soybeans, corn and wheat, and food and feed ingredients such as oils, flours and meals, soy lecithin and soy beverage powders. Both companies have been reliable suppliers to the global food, beverage, baking and nutraceutical industry for many years.

S.I.S. (Società Italiana Sementi S.p.A.), founded in 1947, is a leading Italian seed company that breeds, produces and markets all major agricultural crop seeds. Research is carried out in S.I.S. stations all over Italy, in cooperation with important public and private institutions. S.I.S. has been developing innovative crops, such as energy and biomass plants, in addition to traditional crops, and offers the organic market one of the most extensive seed catalog from its own certified organic seed production in Italy.

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