NPA urges industry to continue fight against adulteration

NPA urges industry to continue fight against adulteration

The NPA's Executive Director and CEO John  Gay responds to GAO Report on economically motivated adulteration of supplements.

Natural Products Association (NPA) Executive Director and CEO John  Gay responds to a report by the Government Accountability Office on  economically motivated adulteration. NPA is the leading representative  of the dietary supplement industry with over 1,900 members representing  more than 10,000 manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers of vitamins and  other dietary supplements.
"The GAO report reminds us that the issue of economically motivated  adulteration, or EMA, has been with us for as long as there has been  commerce, and that it persists to a greater or lesser degree in a number  of segments, including dietary supplements and other foods. NPA  supports government and industry efforts to combat this illegal  practice.
For example, NPA joined forces with the other trade associations in  supporting the Food and Drug Administration in its efforts to eliminate  drugs masquerading as dietary supplements. This coalition backs FDA’s  actions to hold accountable those who violate the law by illegally  marketing such products.
In addition to NPA’s education efforts, we also support other  industry programs in this area. Most recently, NPA endorsed a program by  the American Botanical Council that would educate the dietary  supplement industry about ingredient and product adulteration. We  appreciated the opportunity to discuss these efforts with the GAO  investigators.
It’s important for all government and industry to work together to keep these products from the marketplace.”
Natural Products Association
The Natural Products Association (NPA), founded in  1936, is the largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to the  natural products industry. NPA represents over 1,900 members accounting  for more than 10,000 locations of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers  and distributors of natural products, including foods, dietary  supplements, and health/beauty aids. As the leading voice of the natural  products industry, the NPA’s mission is to advocate for the rights of  consumers to have access to products that will maintain and improve  their health, and for the rights of retailers and suppliers to sell  these products.

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