NPI Bites Review: OhYeah! Protein Bars

iSS’ OhYeah! high protein bars are designed for a boost while weight training (or other athletics that could use a boost after a game/workout/etc.)

The almond fudge brownie and chocolate & caramel both taste quite like candy bars you could get in your local convenience store, which makes them quite easy to enjoy. There is no unpleasant aftertaste to these protein bars, unlike other brands, which often taste alright when you're eating them, but then leave you with a puckered face from the surprising aftertaste.

Aside from the two flavours described in this review, iSS also offers four other flavours; Peanut Butter & Caramel, Peanut Butter and Strawberry, Creamy Vanilla & Caramel and Vanilla Toffee Fudge. Each flavour varies between 26 and 30 grams of protein per bar. The bars are also a decent size, weighing approximately three ounces (or 85 grams) per bar.

A box of 12 bars will run $36.95(US) directly from the iSS website.

While these bars are definitely tasty and a good size each, they are not made with writers who sit all day at a desk (or other similar desk-jockeys) in mind. Make sure you’re not just enjoying them as a snack, otherwise you’ll be piling on pounds that look more like a beer belly than finely sculpted biceps.

Overall, the OhYeah! bars rate a solid 4.5 out of 5.

To see the iSS products site, click here.

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