Nutra Products, Inc. Introduces NutraSelect™ Garlic, Improved Appearance and Naturally Low Micros Without Irradiation

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – Nutra Products, Inc. announces the introduction of NutraSelect™ brand nutraceutical Garlic powder and granules … deodorized Garlic with naturally low APCs without irradiation. “Irradiation will artificially lower APCs, but it will also degrade the alliinase enzyme activity, which converts the alliin to allicin,” according to Bill Deaton, CEO and head of R&D for Nutra Products, Inc. “Plus, irradiation can also result in toasted, ”specky” looking Garlic tablets and capsules. NutraSelect is an important breakthrough because it is super clean, naturally, with a creamy white color, no specks, no defects, and guaranteed micro's at <10,000/gram without irradiation.”

NutraSelect utilizes a proprietary variety of garlic from it’s exclusive supplier, Harmoni International, that is hand selected, hand trimmed, hand peeled, washed and then processed to the most exacting standards using an exclusive process developed by Nutra Products, Inc. called MCD - micro control, color control, defect control.

Deaton further explains that the process used for NutraSelect is “the only way to get APCs consistently below 10,000/g. If you have guaranteed APCs below 10,000/g in an agricultural product, the material has almost certainly been irradiated or chemically treated. We know because, prior to discovering the NutraSelect process, we tried for years to get below 10,000/g APC level more than 10% of the time without success. It’s the ‘if you don’t ask, they won’t tell’ axiom … if the customer doesn’t ask if the material has been irradiated or not, the raw material supplier won’t volunteer that information to the customer.”

NPI has developed a “no RAD” logo in the familiar Ghostbusters™ no sign that customers can place on their labels. It’s entirely voluntary and can be used for any ingredient, when the supplier certifies that the material has not been irradiated.

NutraSelect is the most important breakthrough in nutraceutical garlic since Deaton developed Garlic's standardization method for its key markers (alliin, allicin, alliinase) over 10 years ago. NutraSelect is perfect for tableting and encapsulation. Deaton claims that consumers will notice the difference in the ivory colored capsules and creamy white clear-coated tablets versus their irradiated counterparts.

Visit or call 866-773-1656 for more details and samples.

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