Nutra-Tech BioSciences Completes Test and Build-Out of Juice and Polyphenolic Recovery System

New Technology Means Higher Quantity and Quality Yield from Muscadine Grape Pomace

Dallas Texas, June 18, 2004 – Nutra-Tech BioSciences has announced completion of its pilot production system to process Muscadine Grape Pomace to yield previously unrecoverable polished juice and highly sought after polyphenolic compounds. This system recovers juice from the Muscadine grape pomace, which is traditionally 80/82% moisture content, yielding a finished product that has the similar qualities as free run juice from the first pressing of the grape, and is expected to have a dramatic economic impact for Muscadine grape growers.

Robert F. Bickel, Sr., President and CEO of Nutra-Tech BioSciences Group noted, “Nutra-Tech BioSciences Group has received consistent support and encouragement from Muscadine Grape growers. We’re looking forward to establishing larger scale on site operations with mobile units so that we can process Muscadine grape pomace during the upcoming 2004 harvest for the recovery of juice for the bulk market or to be formulated as finished fortified beverage drinks.” He continued ”The heart of this system is how the juice is released from the pomace and then processed through multiple stages to remove polyphenolic compounds that have previously resulted in high astringency juice.”

Value Added Potential for the Muscadine Growers – a unique royalty system
In what is believed to be a unique nutraceutical program, the company has established a royalty based participation system to give the growers a share of the wholesale revenue to enhance their bottom line on an annual basis from material previously categorized as waste.

Surveys conducted with Muscadine grape growers across the United States suggest a total volume of 8,000,000 pounds of Muscadine pomace available with a potential yield of 500,000 gallons of juice. Further processing would result in 1,400,000 pounds of grape skin and seed solids providing antioxidant polyphenolic and other desirable compounds for formulation into nutraceutical and cosmaceutical products.

“A key element is our understanding of process systems and use of technology. We’re changing the economic equation for grape producers, and at the same time, developing unique products,” stated Bickel. “Our current upgraded system design has the capability of circulating 750,000 gallons of juice, aqueous or alcohol extract solution per 24 hour operations cycle, and while our focus was specific to the Muscadine grape, we’ve proven, through our trials, that the system is also capable of processing other polyphenolic rich berries (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry), fruits and vegetables, green tea and other high antioxidant content native herb species.”

A valuable design and operations attribute of the system is the ability to quickly change various components to accommodate the recovery of other high value compounds (glyconuturents, proteins and enzymes) from the same feed stock or change over to a different feed stock stream (from other berries, fruits or vegetables).

The Muscadine Grape
The Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia) is an American native grape species growing throughout the southeastern quadrant of the US having numerous cultivars containing polyphenolic structures in quantity and quality superior to the traditional European style grape (Vitis vinifera). The Muscadine has been shown to be extremely high in ellagitannin and Ellagic acid from the grape skin and OPC’s from its seeds, while total fiber and concentrations of selected minerals are substantially higher as well. Traditional juice recovery from the Muscadine grape averages 145-155 gallons per ton (US short ton), well below that of the European style vinifera grapes which have a much thinner skin resulting in a higher juice to tonnage ratio.

About Nutra-Tech BioSciences Group
Nutra-Tech BioSciences Group is a Dallas, Texas based company specializing in the development and deployment of flexible systems technology for the recovery of high yield polyphenolic compounds from botanical resources and in the development of formulations for nutraceutical and cosmaceutical products. Currently Nutra-Tech BioSciences Group has a portfolio of over 50 proprietary product formulations developed in company facilities and marketed under Vine-a-Derm Therapie™ Complete Care products line ranging from nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) to cosmaceutical products (topical skin care cream and lotion products), and fortified hydration beverages. These products are produced through distributed manufacturing agreements with companies having FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. The companies’ nutraceutical product line is currently being readied for manufacture exclusively in liquid-gel capsule form using proprietary invert emulsion filler formulations.

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