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Nutragenesis Announces New Anti-Stress Ingredient

December 1, 2003--Brattleboro, Vermont-- NutraGenesis LLC, a marketer of advanced nutraceutical ingredients, introduces Sensoril™, a patented anti-stress nutraceutical ingredient developed by Natreon, Inc. Sensoril™ is now being offered to select dietary supplement marketers in North America exclusively by NutraGenesis for use in stand alone products or in stress prevention formulations.

Sensoril™ is unlike any other all-natural anti-stress products. It is not a sedative or stimulant but is a patented, standardized extract of Withania somnifera which works as a Stress Response Inhibitor on the body's physiological and emotional responses to stressors. It is not habit forming, does not cause jitters or drowsiness and most importantly, it is effective, as evidenced by a significant body of scientific research. It has also been substantiated for numerous approved structure/function claims based on the strength and breadth of its science.

Sensoril™ has been developed in response to growing consumer demands for a safe, effective, natural product to combat the negative effects of stress, which are all too common in today’s fast-paced society. Consumers repeatedly cite stress among their greatest concerns when it comes to issues of health and well-being. Sensoril™ is a proprietary stress inhibitor which nurtures, restores and balances healthy metabolic function and increases resistance to stress and fatigue while enhancing energy levels.

Sensoril™ is suitable for encapsulation and tableting and is well-suited to a broad range of product applications. Sensoril is a trademark of Natreon, Inc.

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