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NutraLease Technology Selected for Israeli Presidential Conference 2008, “Facing Tomorrow” in Jerusalem, Israel

Nutralease was honored to be among a select group of companies with futuristic technologies, to be honored and to participate in the “Tomorrow’s Spaces” exhibition in the Israeli Presidential Conference 2008 – “Facing Tomorrow”, which took place on May 13-15, 2008 in Jerusalem, ISRAEL.

Shimon Peres, President of Israel, in his welcoming remarks, said that the participants “….are a unique group of people: leaders who hail from a wide variety of fields and courses: policy, science, economics, culture, art, religion and thought….” U.S. President George Bush, Sergey Brin (founder of Google), and Rupert Murdoch were among the speakers at the conference.

Paul M. Flowerman, president of P.L. Thomas, the distributor for NutraLease™ in the NAFTA region, commented: “Everyone at PLT applauds NutraLease on this well-deserved recognition. NutraLease™, with its innovative, patented technology, has been quickly accepted by our customers as an excellent delivery systems allowing formulators to meet the challenges of commercially fortifying foods, vitamin waters, and beverages.”

The NutraLease technology, also known as “NSSL vehicles” (Nano Sized Self-assembly Liquid vehicles), was developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Prof. Nissim Garti and Dr. Abraham Aserin from the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, the Institute of Chemistry.

The essence of this technology is the building of “smart” nanometric droplets, which carry water-insoluble drugs and bioactive materials, and which are able, while being diluted in the digestive system, to go through a structure transformation and to create tiny water-soluble droplets, which recognize the membrane between the digestive system and the blood and transport the bioactive materials through it in a controlled manner (controlled release) assuring stability and long shelf life.

About Professor Garti and Dr. Aserin

Prof. Garti has a vast experience that he acquired during the years of his work and study in the field of colloidal chemistry. Prof. Garti serves as a professional consultant to some of the largest companies in the Israeli industry and also to some of the major corporations in the world. Dr. Aserin was an MSc and a PhD student of Prof. Garti. Today they are collaborate on many high-level projects.

P.L. Thomas

P.L. Thomas, a New Jersey based ingredient supplier and distributer for NutraLease™, offers more than fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries. PLT specializes in fruit and vegetable extracts, natural colors and flavors, clinically-supported botanical extracts, probiotics and fermentation ingredients and novel delivery systems. .

For more information, please contact Paula Nürnberger, [email protected]

973-984-0900 x 214.

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