Nutri-Health Supplements reformulates ArthroZyme Plus joint health product

Nutri-Health Supplements reformulates ArthroZyme Plus joint health product

The new product builds on the success of its lead ingredient serratiopeptidase, a systemic enzyme.

Nutri-Health Supplements® LLC announces the launch of its new, reformulated best selling joint health product ArthroZyme® Plus. The new product builds on the success of its lead ingredient serratiopeptidase, a systemic enzyme.

“It’s a joint health enzyme powerhouse,” says Jennifer McTurk, Customer Care Director with Nutri-Health Supplements.

ArthroZyme® Plus now features three ingredients that support normal function of enzymes in the body leading to joint and cartilage health.

“Baby Boomers are much more aware of the need to start early to keep their joints flexible and their knee cartilage healthy,” says Jennifer McTurk. “And the word is also getting out that taking a natural joint health product is very supportive for keeping hearts healthy as well.”

How a Joint Health Product Keep Hearts Happy
According to Jennifer McTurk, there are no negative heart side effects with ArthroZyme® Plus and it supports already normal and healthy levels of inflammation—which is good for overall health, including the heart.

“Many Baby Boomers have realized that taking natural products and keeping your inflammation levels normal and your cartilage healthy now is a better choice than playing clean-up down the road,” says Jennifer McTurk.

The new, scientifically formulated ArthroZyme® Plus features clinical dosages of three enzyme-supportive joint health ingredients:

Boswellia 5-Loxin® – 250 mg

Supports the body’s normal regulation of the enzyme (MMP3) that breaks down cartilage and joint tissues

Supports joint mobility and comfort

Proprietary Boswellia 5-Loxin® is absorbed better and works faster than generic Boswellia

Bromelain – 400 mg

A protein enzyme from pineapple that is shown in a clinical study to improve well-being, keep knees comfortable and support normal joint movement

Serratiopeptidase – 10 mg

A powerful systemic enzyme that has long been used in Japan and Germany to help support normal tissue repair and rejuvenation

In addition to the three enzyme powerhouse ingredients, the new formula features zinc to support the normal function of joint and muscle cellular tissue and 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, known for decades to be crucial for joint and muscle health. ArthroZyme® Plus is available at

Nutri-Health Supplements, LLC is a leading developer and marketer of probiotic, enzymes and other specialty supplements products. Its premium line of nutraceuticals primarily consists of proprietary Multi-Probiotic® blends and enzyme formulations designed to address the specific health needs of consumers, predominantly digestive and immune health. The company primarily markets its products direct-to-consumer through direct mailing and its web sites. Its products are manufactured state-of-the-art National Science Foundation Good Manufacturing Practices (NSF GMP) registered facility and tested in an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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