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NutriCognia Launches New Website

Solbar’s new joint venture NutriCognia, which develops innovative proprietary testing platforms for rapid glycoanalysis of food and beverage applications, launches a new interactive website. The site – - is a comprehensive source of information on CarboDeep™, NutriCognia’s proprietary technology. This breakthrough technology compares glycan mixtures and produces a fingerprint of the glycan composition structure. By evaluating the features of various glycan structures, dairy and fermentation manufacturers will better manage process and product development and improve quality control procedures.

The website's design reflects the simplicity, yet sophisticated innovative technology being introduced by Nutricognia. The website is undoubtedly user-friendly, visitors can learn about the CarboDeep™, including visible results in simple graphs.

“NutriCognia’s website is a good reflection of our development strategy” explains Pinni Raveh, marketing manager at NutriCognia. “It truly provides specific information for each application. In addition to a broad overview on NutriCognia’s patented technology, food technologists and R&D researchers can immediately focus on relevant ‘visual’ data, learning how to obtain superior glyco-information regarding its’ products and how to achieve a competitive edge in the market.”

NutriCognia is a subsidiary of Solbar Industries Ltd, the 3rd largest producer and marketer of soy proteins and soy isoflavones worldwide. NutriCognia, focuses on Glyco assay development for foods’ applications. NutriCognia licensed a technology platform that was developed by Dr. Ofer Markman and Procognia Ltd during the last 7 years with vast experience in the field of carbohydrate analysis.

For more information please contact:
Mr. Pinni Raveh
P.O. Box 2230, Ashdod 77121 ISRAEL
GSM + 972-523-279239

[email protected]

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