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Nutritech Launches Activated Barley

Swedish company Nutritech International has developed a range of health foods to showcase its new organic activated barley, which has a beta-glucan content almost double that of the original raw material, as well as high levels of fatty acids.

Nutritech, which has offices throughout Europe, the UK and also a recently opened base in North America, is marketing the new product as a cheap way of boosting the health profile of a wide range of foods.

Aktiv Barley which was launched in December and is manufactured through a patented process that increases the beta-glucan content by 94 per cent, according to the company.

The fiber also forms a gelatinous medium creating a stable, steady release of nutrients, which include high levels of the antioxidant and oxygen scavenger super oxide dismutase. It also has a 5.6 per cent omega-3 content and 4.6 per cent omega 6 content within its micronutrient profile.

Previous research has suggested that consumption of barley is associated with lower cholesterol levels and reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease through its effect on glucose levels. Beta-glucan is also thought to impact the immune system.

The company displayed original and flavored ready mix powders, meal replacements and nutritional granola bars containing the activated barley powder and flake ingredient at Vitafoods in May.

Nutritech produces a range of health products including Nutricalm, a nutritional supplement designed to strengthen the immune system and accelerate the healing processes in the body.


Nutritech international is working with companies from nutraceutical industry such as ORGANIC BY NATURE ( and bakery industry companies such as LENTIA ENTERPRISES LTD.( North American Business Development officer and product development consultant Stefan Fox has broad and in-depth product development knowledge working with trend and emerging market categories and has been working closely with our customers to assist them in developing new and high quality added value products and nutrient delivery vehicles.

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