Obagi Introduces the First and Only Prescription Based Vitamin C Skincare System

LONG BEACH, Calif.----May 25, 2004--Obagi Medical Products has introduced the first and only prescription based vitamin C skincare system, the Obagi-C(TM) Rx System for Photolumines(TM) skin. While vitamin C cosmeceutical products only superficially penetrate the skin, the Obagi C-Rx System contains a patented combination of prescription strength 4% hydroquinone and professional strength vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) to increase penetration to all layers of the skin.

According to Company President and CEO, Austin McNamara, "This System was developed with the goal of providing physicians and their patients with an early stage preventative skincare system that would diminish minor signs of photodamage and balance out skin tone, resulting in skin that emits light, or is Photolumines."

The Obagi C-Rx System consists of 5 essential parts -- C-Cleansing Gel, C-Clarifying Serum, C-Exfoliating Day Lotion, C-SunGuard SPF 30, and C-Therapy Night Cream -- which are only available by prescription through physicians, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons. In contrast to the Obagi Nu-Derm(R) System, which corrects moderate to severe photodamage by transforming skin at the cellular level, the Obagi C-Rx System for Photolumines skin is available to patients who exhibit early signs of photodamage or dull lackluster skin. Other patients that fit the profile for the Obagi-C Rx System include retinoid intolerant patients, and patients currently using AHAs, moisturizers, and vitamin C cosmeceutical products.

The combination of ingredients in the Obagi C-Rx System is significantly more efficacious and therapeutic than the most widely recommended vitamin C cosmeceutical products. "Vitamin C cosmeceuticals are largely based on the simple action of `plumping-up' the skin through added moisture to the stratum corneum, but the Obagi-C Rx System can truly improve the way the skin functions," explains Company founder Dr. Zein Obagi.

The Obagi-C Rx System can improve skin functioning by:

-- regulating the production of melanin,

-- enhancing collagen production,

-- correcting and restoring balance to lackluster skin and dark patches caused by photodamage, and

-- minimizing skin cell damage by protecting the skin from solar radiation and the oxidative process.

"The outcome is healthy, Photolumines skin that emits measurable light from the deepest layers of the skin," said Dr. Obagi. "Fluorophores, photoluminescent molecules present in collagen, elastin and tyrosine, cause the skin to exhibit this healthy even-tone glow. These molecules can be measured by fiber optic spectrometers, state-of-the-art measuring devices currently employed by bio-scientists and clinical researchers involved in the bio-tech industry."

The Company began shipping the new Obagi-C Rx System to physicians in May. For more information regarding the Obagi-C Rx System, please call 800-636-7546.

About Obagi Medical Products

Obagi Medical Products, located in Long Beach, Calif., develops, manufactures, markets and sells products designed to transform skin at the cellular level. Obagi Systems have been available for over 15 years in the U.S. and around the world, including Japan, South Korea, Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Please call 800-636-7546 for more information.

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