Ocean Nutrition Canada's Omega-3 Fish Oil Ingredients Achieve US Pharmacopeia Safety Certification

An Industry First- Omega-3 Fish Oils Set Purity Standards For American Consumers Seeking Cardiovascular Health Benefits Of Omega-3

June 7, 2004 – Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC), a world leading supplier of Omega-3 fish oil ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food industries, is proud to announce that its entire line of standard fish oils and Omega-3 fish oil concentrates has been certified through the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certification program, setting a new industry standard for safety and purity of Omega-3 fish oil ingredients.

USP is the world’s most highly recognized and technologically advanced pharmacopeia and provides standards for more than 3,800 medicines, dietary supplements, and other health care products.

Dr. Srini Srinivasan, Vice President USP Verification Program stated, “The US Pharmacopeia has been in existence for 184 years and this is the first time any dietary supplement ingredient has achieved USP certification. The function of the USP is to set quality standards for health care products in the United States, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces our standards.” Dr. Srinivasan also noted, “Health Canada also works extremely closely with the USP safety certification standards.”

Eleven of Ocean Nutrition Canada’s omega-3 fish oil ingredient products underwent the strict auditing process of USP. This process included independent quality and safety analysis by the USP, an on site Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit, and analysis of support documentation tracing the history of each product back to the original source of raw material, and each lot’s production history back three generations.

Ms. Janet Shay, Vice President Quality and Regulatory Affairs ONC said, “This was an extremely rigorous audit process and it demonstrates our continued commitment to being a global leader in the production of pure and safe omega-3 fish oil concentrates. We are extremely proud that our oils have achieved the status of being the first and only dietary supplement ingredient to achieve the unsurpassed quality standards set by the USP.”

Mr. Robert Orr, President ONC noted, “This accomplishment is a major milestone for our company and the dietary supplement industry, since it is the first time any omega-3 fish oil, or any dietary supplement ingredient has achieved the USP certification standards. At ONC, we believe that only the highest quality standards will ensure continued growth of the omega-3 category and build consumer trust and confidence in the integrity and quality not only of our products, but the entire dietary supplement sector.”

About Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC):
Ocean Nutrition Canada is a privately held company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Clearwater Fine Foods Inc., one of Canada's largest suppliers of quality seafood products. Ocean Nutrition Canada researches, manufactures, and markets omega-3 concentrates and other marine based natural ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional food markets. ONC exemplifies scientific rigor in discovery and research programs, along with world leading regulatory and quality compliance standards.

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