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OceanGrown International Unveils New OAVE™ Skincare Enhanced Brand and Advanced Formulas

OceanGrown™ International (OGI) keeps offering distinctive natural products from the ocean with the OAVE™(oh-ahv) Skincare line. Featuring promising antioxidant Astaxanthin, Icelandic Moss, Irish Seaweed and Antarctic Krill Oil, OAVE™ harnesses the latest anti-aging benefits from the ocean.

OGI advanced the formulas of each OAVE product in the Essentials line after identifying research on Areaumats. Recent studies indicate that certain aromatic plant compounds may have the ability to reduce stress and increase well-being when applied topically.* Two plants, lavandula stoechas and crithmum maritimum (sea plant), were found to more than double the amount of endorphins (feel good molecules) released by skin cells and sensory neurons. Additional anti-aging ingredients were also added to enhance the OAVE™ Face product.

“The OAVE™ line has several unique ocean actives to fight the signs of aging both topically and internally,” said Alexandra Bowman, VP of Marketing. “We decided now was the time to advance our formulas, keeping the consumer at the forefront of emerging research. The OAVE™ products remain another example of the ocean’s ability to refresh and renew the body and MIND.”

OGI also teamed with renowned hybrid design firm, STRUCK to create a bold, contemporary-cool and fun brand image. OAVE™ is riding the new-age skincare wave, focusing on natural ingredients and chemical free formulas. With thousands of research studies and millions of year’s experience, anti-aging from the ocean is sure to create billions of happy customers.

OAVE™ continues to be sold through OGI’s direct sales channel and can offer unique boutique cache to spas and salons around the world. OAVE™ will soon expand the line with a PRO offering, featuring a cleanser, mud mask, whitening serum, and under eye cream. OGI’s mission is to redefine the aging process through the ocean, its infinite health benefits and invigorating power.

About OceanGrown™ International

OceanGrown™ International (OGI), is a new lifestyle company offering distinct health products based from the ocean’s powerful offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts, calcium, coral and other actives. Through proper nutrition, complete skin care and a committed approach to weight management, OGI seeks to redefine the aging process. Fusing retail and direct sales business models, OGI representatives are encouraged to promote healthy activity, sustainability and preservation. For more information on OGI and its ocean derived products, please visit

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