OceanGrown(TM) International (OGI) Supports Consumer Interest For Innovative Marine Bioactive, Fucoxanthin

Salt Lake City— February 19, 2008 —OceanGrown™ International (OGI) has a sole focus on the ocean and remains committed to educating the marketplace on emerging marine bioactives. Consumer interest in Fucoxanthin, an extract from brown algae is developing as companies launch products based on this promising nutraceutical. Attention is stemming from recent metabolic and nutritional studies on Fucoxanthin’s ability to promote thermogenin and OGI will expand its product lines in 2008 as the market leader of ocean based natural products.

“OceanGrown™ is committed to leading the marketplace with regards to innovative actives from our powerful ocean, such as Fucoxanthin” said Kerry Brown, OGI President and Founding Partner. “We will identify suppliers who invest in the exciting research and science behind advancing marine based nutraceuticals.”

A new and fresh natural products company, OceanGrown’s product lines will focus on skincare, nutrition and weight management. Advancing consumer interest in Fucoxanthin will allow OGI to expand into the weight management marketplace and promote its philosophy of anti-aging through an active lifestyle. The company launched with a skincare line, OAVE™, which unites Astaxanthin, Icelandic Moss, Irish Seaweed and Antarctic Krill Oil, providing an inside/outside approach with topical and internal offerings.

“OGI maintains a competitive advantage as we promote unique proprietary blends in our product lines, specifically weight management” said Kerry Brown. “We will continue to differentiate ourselves by blending ocean actives that work synergistically to meet multiple health needs. We are excited to diversify and bring Fucoxanthin to the marketplace through proactive consumer education.”


About OceanGrown™ International

OceanGrown™ International (OGI), is a new lifestyle company offering distinct health products based from the ocean’s powerful offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts, calcium, coral and other actives. Through proper nutrition, complete skin care and a committed approach to weight management, OGI seeks to redefine the aging process. Fusing retail and direct sales business models, OGI representatives are encouraged to promote healthy activity, sustainability and preservation. For more information on OGI, its ocean derived products and “active aging”, please visit www.ogilife.com .

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