OM Organics & Organic India Honored with 2005 Socially Responsible Business Award

Boulder, Colorado (September 22, 2005) – Thousands of natural product companies flocked to Washington D.C. this week to celebrate healthy and responsible business. At the Natural Products Expo East trade show, OM Organics stood out among the throng of aspiring ethical companies as a leader and was honored with the 2005 Socially Responsible Business Award. Based in Boulder, Colorado, OM Organics is the exclusive North American distribution and marketing company for Organic India. The two companies have the same ownership and shared the award for their accomplishments.

Natural Products Expo East celebrated its 20th year and is known as the biggest event in the $46 billion industry. This was the 11th annual Socially Responsible Business Award presentation. The awards are presented to companies or individuals that have demonstrated excellence in nine categories of values derived from the Social Venture Network’s Standards of Corporate Responsibility. The award recognizes the Organic India and OM Organics organization as a leader in the global movement to promote organic farming and improve the economic and social outlook for small family farmers and their communities.

Their extensive international venture seeks to benefit everyone involved - from the farmers to the consumers. “We are providing a healthy and sustainable livelihood for thousands of organic farmers and their families in India,” says Yosi Lutwak, Vice President of OM Organics. Organic India’s “Market Driven Conservation” business model goes beyond basic Fair Trade practices. The family farmers and herb wildcrafters receive financial support, education and agricultural training, and are paid up to four times the market value for their crops. By eliminating the use of pesticides, there has been a dramatic improvement in the health and vitality of the people, land, and animals in the communities where their farming is taking place.

“A key part of our mission is also to bring healthy organic herbs and products from India to consumers in North America to promote their health and wellness,” notes Lutwak. An example of this is their Original Tulsi Tea Collection, which consists of six blends of Tulsi Tea. For over 5,000 years, Tulsi Tea, also known as Holy Basil, has been revered in India as the “Queen of Herbs” for enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Research has proven that Tulsi is a premier adaptogen that helps the mind and body cope with a wide range of stressors and boosts the immune system. Delicious tasting, drinking Tulsi is known to enhance a sense of clarity and calmness, and bolster stamina and endurance. It is also proven to provide relief from cold and flu symptoms.

ORGANIC INDIA was started in the late 1990’s as a non-profit organization promoting organic agriculture in India. Organic India and OM Organics were founded by a diverse set of individuals: a clinical herbalist, a botanist, doctors and philanthropists who wanted to offer the highest quality organic and biodynamic herbal products available from India. The company is now one of the largest growers of organic herbs in India. In addition to the Tulsi Tea Collection, OM Organics markets organic herbal supplements, bulk organic herbs, and an ever-expanding line of high quality organic spices, grains and seeds. For more information, please visit or

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