One Person Health Announces Global Nutrigenomic Distribution and OEM Agreement

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Jun 16, 2004) - One Person Health Sciences Inc. (OPH), is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary One Person Genetics Inc. (OPG) has entered into a strategic Distribution and Branding agreement with SCNA Ltd., a leading international biotechnology company
specializing in Nutrigenomic research and diagnostics.

Under the terms of the Agreement One Person Genetics acquired global distribution and OEM rights for a genetic test developed by SCNA Ltd. OPG has also acquired exclusive rights in Canada for an initial period and will maintain the exclusive provision based on a minimum purchase requirement.

Development of the OneTest(TM)

This agreement provides OPH with the ability to complete the development of its new 19 Gene OneTest(TM). Utilizing SCNA's bioinformatics technologies OPH will now be able to offer the most comprehensive Nutrigenomics product available today. By expanding the scope of the information generated when genetic test results are analyzed in conjunction with lifestyle and nutritional assessments, the OneTest(TM) will not only provide extensive personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice but customized nutritional supplement advice and unique formulations.

OPH's OneTest(TM) screens for variations of 19 specific genes that examine the following categories:

Heart Health
B Vitamin Use
Antioxidant Activity
Bone Health
Insulin Sensitivity

The genes screened for in the OneTest(TM) are known to code for metabolic enzymes that are key to long-term health and well-being. Common genetic variations which the OneTest(TM) targets may affect the way certain nutrients are used, harmful toxins are inactivated or their formation prevented.

"Nutrigenomics recognizes that individual genetic variation can make diet and lifestyle significant risk factors in disease," stated Dr. Julie Conquer, OPH's Director of Research and Development. "As genetically unique individuals we all react to food and to our environment in unique ways. Small differences in our genetic code can influence how well our bodies metabolize food, use nutrients, remove damaging toxins or prevent their formation. These small differences and how we deal with them can ultimately make a big difference in our health and our susceptibility to disease."

According to the University of California at Davis NCMHD Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, approximately 50 human diseases can be attributed to genetic variations and can be remedied or improved by the administration of high levels of the vitamin component of the corresponding coenzyme.

One Person Health Sciences Inc. is pioneering the development of high throughput custom-made nutritional supplement manufacturing and is the first company to offer truly custom made nutritional supplements based on health assessments, genetic analysis and the new science of Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrient intake and how our genes function. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association predicts that Nutrigenomics is the "next technological and commercial frontier emerging from genomics".


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