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ORAFTI Celebrates Over a Decade Of Leadership In Prebiotics At 2007 FIE

October 30th – November 1, Booth F31, South Hall, ExCel London, United Kingdom

ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients, the world’s leading producer of inulin and oligofructose from chicory, will be present at this year’s FI Europe in London. To mark the occasion, ORAFTI will launch a new product which it will highlight along with its cutting-edge marketing support package available to its food manufacturer partners. ORAFTI will also take the opportunity to celebrate over 10 years at the forefront of the prebiotic era.

New Product Advancement

ORAFTI will launch an upgraded version of its popular HSI (Highly Soluble Inulin) product at the show. The new version of BeneoTMHSI will provide extra technological benefits for manufacturers who produce fruit preparations and fresh fruit juices.

The existing BeneoTMHSI already combined the excellent sugar replacement properties of oligofructose with the texturing effects of inulin. Ice cream and fruit sorbets are examples of applications already benefiting from the incorporation of BeneoTMHSI. It enables manufacturers to make low fat and low calorie claims as well as to provide consumers with other functional benefits.

The BeneoTM Program: A Unique “Feel Good Factor” for ORAFTI’s Food-Industry Partners

Over the years ORAFTI has gained a world of experience within the prebiotic market. It has taken the lead in funding impartial research to explore the benefits of inulin and oligofructose, while also providing its manufacturing partners with a comprehensive package of tools needed to create and launch successful prebiotic products. Elements of this package include:

- Technological and nutritional benefits – ORAFTI ingredients offer great opportunities to meet the continuing demand for wellness products which are low in sugar and fat but also provide extra health and nutrition benefits. These include: improved digestive health, enhanced bone health and promotion of satiety. The market for prebiotics has grown extensively over the past five years, as demonstrated by more than 250 consumer products containing Beneo™ prebiotics on store shelves.

- Regulatory and scientific support –ORAFTI has put extensive energy and resources into scientifically substantiating the benefits of its prebiotics. It has undertaken over 300 studies, including over 100 human intervention studies. As such, the company welcomes the introduction of the new EU regulations on nutrition and health claims. Under the new regulations, a list of pre-approved claims will be established (Article 13). From 2010, all products that do not comply will have to be changed or withdrawn. ORAFTI has submitted proposals for claims including digestive health and improved regularity, the stimulation of a healthy microflora, and increased calcium absorption and bone mineral density. ORAFTI is one manufacturer that will be able to support manufacturers through this change.

- Consumer research – Across four continents and fourteen countries so far, ORAFTI has conducted both qualified and quantified consumer research. This combination of scientific knowledge and consumer insight has allowed ORAFTI to develop a unique strength in the translation of science into consumer-friendly language which enables the marketing of new functional products.

- Supply security – ORAFTI’s biggest asset comes from having two factories, one in Belgium and the other in Chile. No other prebiotic supplier can provide its customers with the security of having factories located in opposite hemispheres, thus enabling two crops per year and virtually eliminating the risk of interruption of supply due to a bad harvest.

According to Dominic Speleers, Managing Director and Head of Sales and Marketing at ORAFTI, “We are pleased to be celebrating over ten years within the food industry and we look forward to working with even more food manufacturers in the future. ORAFTI will remain at the forefront of prebiotics and the new Beneo™HSI is just an example of our continued commitment to innovation.”



ORAFTI is part of the ingredients business unit of Südzucker Group (Germany) and operates in more than 75 countries. ORAFTI produces BeneoTM inulin and oligofructose from chicory roots for human and animal nutrition. ORAFTI’s head office is in Tienen, Belgium with production units in Oreye (Belgium), and Pemuco (Chile).

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