ORAFTI’s Beneo(TM) Program Scores Worldwide

Since the launch of the Beneo™ program more than 150 products now carry the recognizable Beneo™ symbol.

The Beneo™ program is a joint effort between leading food manufacturers and ORAFTI to communicate the beneficial health effects of Beneo™ inulin and oligofructose. The Beneo™ program aims to inform consumers with simple, consistent but scientifically based communication about the health effects. Products that are part of the Beneo™ program can be easily recognized by the Beneo™ label.

Over the last five years ORAFTI’s revolutionary marketing initiative has been available in some European countries. Given the interest of food manufacturers across the world in the Beneo™ program it is now time to open the program to the worldwide food industry.

Dominique Speleers, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients said: “More and more products are launched with our Beneo™ label. Product trials are proving to be so successful that manufacturers are increasingly extending ranges to incorporate the label. This clearly demonstrates that the BENEO™ program is gaining momentum, raising brand awareness and creating added value for our partners”.

New European Beneo™ Products

Works With Water
Each product of this spring water range has its own benefit. Little Squirts, Eau So Cool, Eau Man, Delicate Balance, Water of Life and Aqua Family. All products are enriched with BeneoTM to stimulate the body’s natural defenses, enhancing good bacteria and improving the absorption of calcium.

Yoplait yOptimal
Drinking yOptimal from Yoplait boosts the body’s natural defenses! yOptimal contains BeneoTM which optimizes the balance of intestinal flora. yOptimal is not only delicious but it also provides the body with slow burning energy throughout the day.

Inza Breakfast Drink
Inza breakfast drink contains the same amount of energy as a glass of milk, a slice of cheese or (fiber) bread. Inza Breakfast is enriched with BENEOTM, which ensures a healthy and well-balanced digestive system.

Portugal & Spain
Gullon Calcio+ and Fibra Active Soja.
Calcio + biscuits contain Beneo™ to stimulate calcium absorption and optimize the digestive system. Fibra Active Soja is not only enriched with grains and soy protein, but they also contain Beneo™. The fibra Active Soja biscuits have a health effect on the gut’s good bacteria and in turn stimulate the body’s natural defences.

Ganaderia Priégola Simbi
This delicious drink yogurt is suitable for the whole family and is available in 3 different flavors. Priégola Simbi is enriched with Omega-3 and Beneo™. It stimulates the intestinal flora and improves the calcium absorption.

Costa Amandin Drinks
These drinks are available in 3 versions: Oat, Soy and Rice drink. They all contain Beneo™ for a healthy digestive system.

The Netherlands
Atlanta pancakes
Atlanta Pancakes are delicious, ready in no time at all and above all, good for your health! Atlanta Pancakes are enriched with BENEO™ for a well-balanced digestive system.

BakeFive Vitwit Bread
Vitwit contains, thanks to BENEO™ the same amount of fibre as whole-wheat bread but keeps the nice taste of white bread.

Why are the Beneo™ products successful?

Claims based on science: The Beneo™ label can only appear on products that meet the criteria established by an independent scientific committee. These criteria include guidelines about appropriate claims and dosage. In this way the label guarantees a sufficient presence of Beneo™ in the end product in order to have a positive effect on digestive health. A guarantee that is valued by the consumers!
Specific consumer insight: Dedication to qualitative and quantitative market research has allowed ORAFTI to provide its partners with clear consumer insight. ORAFTI’s knowledge spans all regions and can help to position a new or re-launched product as a success. The research has shown that consumers associate the Beneo™ symbol with healthy and qualitative high standard food products Therefore this is translated into increased preference and loyalty to products that carry the Beneo™ label.
Extended information: Consumers actively use the web to get more information about health related issues. Our dedicated website www.beneo.com is an important source of information for consumers as well as health professionals.


About ORAFTI Group
ORAFTI Group is a subsidiary of the Belgian agro-food group Raffinerie Tirlemontoise/ Tiense Suikerraffinaderij and is part of the ORAFTI/ PALATINIT Ingredients Group of Südzucker (Germany).

ORAFTI Group produces Beneo™ inulin and oligofructose, Raftifeed® for animal nutrition, as well as Raftisweet® (fructose syrups), from chicory roots. ORAFTI Group's head office is in Tienen, Belgium and the company operates in more than 75 countries world wide, with production units in Oreye (Belgium), Chilean (Chile), Wijchen (Netherlands) and Wijgmaal (Belgium). The ORAFTI Group also includes REMY INDUSTRIES, world leading producer of rice starches (Remy®/Remyline®/ Remygel®), rice flours (Remyflo®) and rice proteins (Remypro®).

For more business information

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Malvern, PA 19355

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