Organic Essentials Introduces Disposable Nursing Pads made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton

New Moms Can Take Comfort in Organic Protection
From Organic Essentials!

O’Donnell, Texas -- Organic Essentials, Inc. announces the introduction of their new Disposable Nursing Pads made with 100% certified organic cotton. Packaged in handy, reusable, drawstring carrying bags, the nursing pads have a breathable, hypoallergenic outer shell that provides comfortable protection against leaks and stains while the extra-absorbent organic cotton lining draws moisture away from the skin. “Not only will nursing moms feel safe and protected wearing these pads but they will have the satisfaction of using a product that was grown sustainably on U.S. family farms,” says La Rhea Pepper, one of the founders of Organic Essentials and its current President.

The statistics in the production of conventional cotton in the world indicate a shift is clearly warranted for the protection of our ecosystems. According to the Sustainable Cotton Project and Pesticide Action Network of North America, cotton uses about 28 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of all pesticides. In the U.S., cotton ranks #3 in crops with the heaviest pesticide use. Through customer feedback, Organic Essentials has seen an increasing number of consumers showing sensitivities to the synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and defoliants used on cotton. La Rhea adds, “To use organic cotton products is the only responsible choice for the health of families and the health of the planet.”

Organic Essentials has been manufacturing high quality, certified organic personal care items such as tampons, cotton swabs and cotton balls since 1996. Founded and owned by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop (TOCMC), Organic Essentials and its sister business, Cotton Plus, hold firm their vision to supply chemical-free personal care products and certified organic cotton fabric to consumers everywhere.

Organic Cotton You Can Trust!


La Rhea Pepper can be reached at 800.765.6491.

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