Organic Essentials Introduces The First Menstrual Pads with an Organic Cotton Core!

O’Donnell, Texas, Organic Essentials, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its new line of organic cotton menstrual pads in regular and super absorbency. Whitened only with hydrogen peroxide, the pads do not contain synthetic chemicals, most specifically dioxin which the EPA has shown to be a harmful human carcinogen. Organic Essentials, as part of its commitment to consumers and to the environment, uses only 100% certified organic cotton in all of their products. According to La Rhea Pepper, President, “These menstrual pads are distinctively different from all other pads because the absorbent core is made from cotton -- not conventional cotton -- but organic cotton grown on our farms here in west Texas.” Currently, all the menstrual pads on the market use rayon or wood fluff, which are chemically or mechanically derived from wood pulp. “Not only is rayon known to be full of chemicals but the trees themselves are not a sustainable resource. Cotton is a yearly renewable resource and an excellent choice for use in pads and tampons,” adds La Rhea. Because conventionally grown cotton uses a heavy amount of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and defoliants that are harmful to the ecosystem, the company feels that organic cotton is the only responsible choice for use in feminine hygiene products.

Organic Essential’s menstrual pads compliment the company’s personal hygiene line, which includes digital and applicator tampons. The new menstrual pads in regular and super absorbency are packaged in bags that contain 22 individually wrapped pads. In addition, they have side gathers that help prevent leaks while conforming to the body for comfortable and secure movement.

Organic Essentials has been manufacturing high quality, certified organic personal care items such as tampons, cotton swabs, rounds and cotton balls since 1996. Founded and owned by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop (TOCMC), Organic Essentials and its sister business, Cotton Plus, hold firm their vision to supply chemical-free personal care products and certified organic cotton fabric to consumers everywhere.

Organic Cotton You Can Trust!

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