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Original Management Team Has Stepped Back in at Cytodyne with Plans for a Major Revival of the Xenadrine Brand in 2008

Manasquan, NJ January 15, 2008—The company that launched the first golden age of thermogenic weight loss, Cytodyne Technologies (a division of NutraQuest Inc), and that brand, Xenadrine, have returned to the limelight with several official announcements.

First and foremost, Cytodyne Technologies has emerged from a self-imposed five-year hiatus from the retail marketplace. The company has devoted its time to working with top researchers on the intensive scientific investigation into new technologies designed to facilitate high-impact thermogenesis and weight loss. Those inquiries have yielded several innovative new weight-loss technologies and compounds, and Cytodyne is now poised to re-enter the diet supplement retail marketplace in a very high-profile way.

Secondly, Cytodyne is introducing a cutting-edge new version of its flagship Xenadrine-EFX product which will be called Ultra-Strength Xenadrine-EFX. This new version contains a unique patented compound that provides an added dimension of powerful weight-loss efficacy that goes beyond anything previously available in the EFX product line.

Industry buzz has been building about the first product out of the pipeline, Ultra-Strength Xenadrine-EFX. Cytodyne has been keeping a tight rein on information about its newest product launch, but advance word on the newly patented weight-loss compound that functions as the cornerstone weight-loss agent in the new formulation has been overwhelmingly positive.

For right now, the original Cytodyne team is just happy to be back in a position where they can reach out to their devoted customers and return to the business of helping them achieve their fitness goals.

“At heart, we’re research and development guys first and foremost,” Chinery says. “But after five years of intense research and development, it’s going to be fun to get out into the marketplace, introduce some products we’re genuinely proud of, and go toe-to-toe with some of the hype-driven competition.”

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