Originates Enters Omega 3 Supplier Channel

As Omega 3 supplement popularity grows along with the body of science confirming its benefits, prudent sourcing becomes increasingly vital. With more than 35 years of experience worldwide, Originates comes to market as a "new" supplier of essential healthy ingredients to produce the highest quality products for human nutrition, cosmetics and animal nutrition.

Originates’ initial main focus is on EFAs from marine and plant origin, gelatin, fiber and prebiotics. Expertise, capabilities and location all factor into the right ingredients, and Originates is equipped to meet demand in both the U.S. and the international market place effectively. With global headquarters in Sunrise, Florida, and warehouses in California and Florida, Originates can easily transport product by air, sea or land anywhere in the world.

The company’s Fish Oil Omega 3-concentrates molecular distillation plant is located in Colombia and is close to the source of Peruvian Fish Oils. Their gelatin facilities are located close to the sources of raw materials as well, in Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador. Because of this proximity to raw-material sources, Originates is able to maintain the highest level of raw-material freshness.

The company’s manufacturing expertise and world-class manufacturing facilities allow Originates to provide specific ratios of EPAs and DHAs to build in consistency from raw materials that can vary from year to year, and catch to catch. With a diverse approach and highly proficient manufacturing capabilities, Originates is able to produce DHA, EPA, ALA and products that deliver a range of EFA benefits such as complete Omega 3-6-9 oils and custom blends.

Regardless of a manufacturer’s preference in terms of fatty acid type—TG, EE and FFA—or delivery form, Originates has the expertise to deliver the right ingredients.

Originates state-of-the-art plants and R&D team can create blends of marine- and plant-based EFAs. The current product portfolio of EFA blends consists of EssentiOmega™ 3-6-9 45% EE Fish and Flax.

“We are pleased to have Originates as a member of GOED,” said the association’s executive director Adam Ismail. “Having companies with a strong commitment to the growth of the industry as well as the expertise to provide quality ingredients that meet an array of manufacturing needs is essential to industry stability and growth.”

Formerly known as GMI Gelatin, Originates’ also specializes in edible, pharmaceutical and hydrolyzed Type B Gelatins, Type A and Lime Bone gelatin. Originates has been a leading supplier of Kosher beef gelatin for the past 35 years.

Originates is committed to minimizing the impact of its manufacturing processes on the environment. The company closely monitors its manufacturing facilities and has water treatment and recirculation systems that recycle and re-use residual and in-process waters. The manufacturing facilities implement solid waste management programs to collect, segregate, store and dispose—through re-use and recycling—its residual materials. The facilities also use equipment to closely monitor CO2 emissions.

For more information please visitwww.originates.com or call 800 999 9373.

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