Our Children’s Health Provides Answers to Hotbed Children’s Health Issues

Northbrook, IL, 5/30/2002 — Nutritionist Bonnie C. Minsky, MA, MPH, LNC, CNS, President and Wellness Director of Nutritional Concepts, Inc., has written Our Children’s Health: America’s Kids In Nutritional Crisis and What We Can Do to Help (Vital Health Publishing, May 2002).

The book addresses hotbed issues such as vaccines, ADD/ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. Other topics include food allergies and food intolerances, asthma, immune system dysfunction, eating disorders, obesity, depression and violence.

Our Children’s Health also provides the how to, such as, neonatal, prenatal, and post pregnancy care, creating a healthy environment for your kids, nutritional support for athletics, and the elimination diet.

“If parents could follow even 75% of this book, their children would be pretty healthy," says Minsky. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Founder and Director of Mercola.com, says, "There are few topics that are as important to the long-term well-being of our culture as the health of our children...Bonnie Minsky and Lisa Holk provide a thorough current review of some of the major issues contributing to this problem along with many practical action items you can take to make sure your children can achieve their maximum health."

President and Wellness Director Bonnie C. Minsky founded Nutritional Concepts, Inc. in 1985. Nutritional Concepts offers individualized services that include nutritional counseling, food planning, prescribing dietary supplements, and predictive genomics. They also offer online services at nutritionalconcepts.com. In addition to Our Children’s Health, Minsky has written another book, Nutrition in a Nutshell: Build Health and Slow Down the Aging Process (2000). Minsky is a certified menopause educator.

For additional information or a sample copy, contact:
Steve Minsky
847-498-3422, 847-509-9069 fax
[email protected]

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