Part 2: Licensing, IP and Alliances (Mar. 2005)

Companies in the News: Gateway Distributors Limited, Glykon Technologies Group LLC, Renaissance Herbs, Inc., ACNielsen U.S., SPINS, SourceOne(TM) Global Partners, American River Nutrition, NSF International, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Europhama, Enzymatic Therapy, The E.T. Horn Company, Loders Croklaan, Sabinsa Corporation, Chemco Industries Inc., Use Techno Corporation, P.L. Thomas, Laila Impex, KGK Synergize Inc., Lecigel LLC, BioGaia AB, Uni-Sankyo, Vital Living Inc., Wellness Now, LLC, Health Sciences Group, Inc., Open Cell Biotechnologies, Inc..

[3/30/2005] Gateway Announces International Distribution
Distribution company Gateway Distributors Limited (GWDB.OB) has announced that it is in the process of negotiating and signing export and wholesale distribution contracts for a period of 5 years with companies in the health & dietary supplements sector, operating in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
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[3/23/2005] Glykon Technologies Group Ends HCA Licensing Agreement with Renaissance Herbs
Glykon Technologies Group LLC has announced the termination of its licensing agreement with Renaissance Herbs, Inc. covering uses and delivery systems for (–)-hydroxycitric acid and related products, effective February 4, 2005. According to the company, the termination was initiated January 4 and concluded February 4 as per the contract between the companies.
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[3/23/2005] ACNielsen and SPINS Expand Coverage of Natural Products Industry
ACNielsen U.S. and SPINS have announced the expansion of SPINScan Conventional, which tracks sales of natural and organic products across grocery, drug, and mass merchandise retail outlets. According to ACNielson, for the first time, retailer-specific analysis of natural and organic product sales will be available from the service, and the number of categories tracked will nearly double.
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[3/21/2005] SourceOne(TM) Announces Joint Venture Agreement with American River Nutrition
US-based ingredient provider SourceOne(TM) Global Partners has formed a joint venture with American River Nutrition, where SourceOne(TM) will provide marketing and sales activities while American River Nutrition will provide scientific support, product development and manufacturing expertise.
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[3/21/2005] NSF International and American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® Form Partnership
US-based not-or-profits NSF International and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia(AHP) have announced a strategic partnership to fully integrate the botanical expertise of AHP into NSF’s Dietary Supplements Program.
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[3/17/2005] EuroPharma and Enzymatic Therapy Sign Licensing and Distribution Agreement
US-based supplement companies Europhama and Enzymatic Therapy have signed a licensing and distribution agreement, in which, beginning this week, Enzymatic Therapy will take over marketing, sales and distribution of EuroPharma’s SneezEze and Renouvelle products. According to the release, the companies also anticipate partnering on additional innovative products.
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[3/16/2005] E.T. Horn Company Selected By Loders Croklaan as Exclusive Distributor of SensoryEffects(TM) Products in Western States
US-based distributor The E.T. Horn Company has announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Loders Croklaan to represent its line of SensoryEffects(TM) inclusions throughout the western United States.
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[3/15/2005] Sabinsa Corporation Granted European Patent for ForsLean®
Extract company Sabinsa Corporation has announced that it has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for the use of forskolin, the active compound in the company's ForsLean brand Coleus forskohlii extract as a dietary supplement to promote lean body mass, shift the proportion of mass in favor of lean body mass, reduce fat tissue and encourage weight loss. The European patent #98 907 537 9 encompasses all European countries.
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[3/14/2005] OptiPure® Brand Chemco Industries, Inc. and Use Techno Sign an Exclusive Distribution and Marketing Agreement
US-based OptiPure® Brand Chemco Industries Inc. and Japan-based Use Techno Corporation have signed an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement on GlucoTrim® Banaba leaf extract, where OptiPure® and its sister company, Soft Gel Technologies Inc.®, are to be the exclusive source for Banaba leaf extracts typically used in soft gelatin capsules, tablets, and two piece hard shell capsules.
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[3/11/2005] P.L. Thomas and Laila Impex Announce Strategic Alliance
US-based P.L. Thomas and India-based herbal extracts company Laila Impex have announced a strategic alliance to develop and market unique herbal nutraceuticals. This agreement formalizes and strengthens the relationship between the two companies, currently P.L. Thomas markets Laila Impex's products and technologies.
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[3/11/2005] KGK Synergize and Lecigel Enter Into a Joint Venture Agreement For Sytrinol(TM)
Canada-based KGK Synergize Inc. (KGK) and US-based Lecigel LLC have confirmed a Joint Venture involving KGK's Sytrinol (TM)ingredient and the use of Lecigel's phospholipid delivery technology to commercialize the resulting technology into the functional food and beverage market.
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[3/9/2005] BioGaia Signs Agreement In India
Sweden-based BioGaia AB has announced an agreement with India-based Uni-Sankyo giving that company the right to produce and sell dietary supplements with BioGaia's Reuteri in India.
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[3/7/2005] Vital Living Enters into Agreement with Wellness Now, LLC
US-based supplement company Vital Living Inc. (VTLV) has announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Wellness Now, LLC, under which Wellness Now will act as a Master Distributor for all areas of the United States that are not presently being reached by Vital Living's current distribution channels. According to the company, this will allow it to achieve greater penetration into the local healthcare provider market.
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[3/1/2005] Health Sciences Group Acquires Open Cell Biotechnologies, Inc. From UTEK Corporation
US-based Health Sciences Group, Inc. (HESG) has announced the acquisition of Open Cell Biotechnologies, Inc. (OCBI), a subsidiary of technology transfer company UTEK Corporation in a stock transaction. OCBI holds the exclusive license from Yissum, the Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to a patented process for the production of open-cell sponge food that can be added to foods to enhance nutritional value.
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