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Part 4: Industry and Market (June 2005)

Companies in the News: Planet Organic Health Corp., Sabinsa Corporation, Virgo Publishing, Taiyo Kagaku, Dorian Yates Approved, LLC, NOW Foods, Inc.,, Loders Croklaan, Jelly Belly Candy Co., BestSweet Inc., Nu Skin Enterprises, Nordic Naturals, Inc., Cyanotech Corporation, BioLogic Health Solutions Pty Ltd., KGK Synergize, Pharmanex.

[6/30/2005] Planet Organic Announces Opening of Sangster's Health Centres Ontario Store
Canada-based natural food and health store operator Planet Organic Health Corp. has announced the opening of a new 1,600-square-foot store 'Sangster's Health Centres' store in Bolton, Ontario, incorporating food as well as supplements.
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[6/29/2005] Oregon College of Oriental Medicine to Graduate First Clinical Doctors of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the United States
In a few weeks, the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) will bestow the first clinical doctoral degrees of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in the United States, with 19 students to be awarded the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) degree.
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[6/28/2005] Herb Medicine Center Planned in Seoul
According to an article in the Korea Times, the Korean government plans to establish a special development zone for herbal medicines in Tongdaemun in eastern Seoul to stimulate regional development. According to the article, this is the first time a district in Seoul itself has been designated as a special development zone.
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[6/28/2005] Sabinsa Corporation's Selenium SeLECT Complies with Worldwide Heavy Metal Content Standards
Ingredient company Sabinsa Corporation has announced a lowering of its limits for heavy metals in the company's Selenium SeLECT brand L-(+)-Selenomethionine ingredient to less than one part per million (ppm) lead; less than 0.5 ppm arsenic; less than 0.5 ppm cadmium; and less than 0.5 ppm mercury.
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[6/24/2005] IU, Purdue Cited for Use of Unauthorized Dietary Supplements
According to an article in the Fort Wayne Gazette, the athletic departments at Indiana University and Purdue have been cited but not penalized for purchasing more than $47,000 worth of supplements during the past two years which were not approved by the NCAA, in a case similar to one several weeks ago involving Texas and Texas A&M. The Indiana and Purdue athletic departments spent more than
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[6/24/2005] Virgo Names Scientific Advisory Board for SupplySide West 2005 Education Program
US-based Virgo Publishing has announced its Scientific Advisory Board for its SupplySide West education program: Jon Benninger, Mark Blumenthal, John N. Hathcock, Ph.D., Cindy Schweitzer, Ph.D., Carsten R. Smidt, Ph.D., FACN, David Smith, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Pharmavite, Susan Trimbo, Ph.D.
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[6/22/2005] SunActive® Facility Achieves 'Superior' AIB Rating
Ingredient company Taiyo Kagaku Japan has announced that the company's SunActive® manufacturing facility has received a “Superior” rating from the American Institute of Baking (AIB), the highest possible classification assigned by the AIB.
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[6/22/2005] Dorian Yates Certifies Protein Powders With BSCG
US-based sport nutrition supplement company, Dorian Yates Approved, LLC has announced that it has begun testing each batch of its protein powder supplements for substances banned by the International Olympic Committee and World anti-Doping Agency using the services and certification program of the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).
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[6/21/2005] NOW Foods Reveals New Slogan and Corporate Name
US-based NOW Foods, Inc. has announced a new company slogan and corporate name. According to the company, the acronym NOW refers to 'Nutrition for Optimal Wellness' while the company name is NOW Health Group' and the company's retail stores - Fruitful Yield - have split off to become a separate corporation.
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[6/21/2005] Tests Ginseng Products Sold in Japan; 5 of 14 Products Pass
US-based has released results of its second test of products in the Japanese marketplace, ginseng dietary supplements. According to the, five of fourteen products failed the testing program, with six products not meeting label claim for amount of ginseng, and three products exceeding acceptable pesticide levels.
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[6/17/2005] Lipid Nutrition Announces Sponsored Course on For Clarinol(TM) CLA
Lipid Nutrition, a division of Netherlands-based Loders Croklaan has announced that it has sponsored a course including mechanisms of action and clinical evidence for the company's Clarinol(TM) CLA ingredient on
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[6/16/2005] Candy Industry's Latest Target Is Fitness
According to an Associated Press article, one of the active and interesting trends at the All Candy Expo in Chicago this week is the pairing of candy and fitness, manifesting itself in products such as "Sports Beans" containing Vitamins C and E plus electrolytes (produced by Jelly Belly Candy Co.) and XLR8 Energy Chews with caffeine, ginseng, and guarana (offered by BestSweet Inc.).
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[6/16/2005] International Gum Arabic Industry and Major NGO’s Affirm Commitment to Sustain and Expand Gum Arabic Supplies and Availability
The international gum arabic industry recently met in khartoum where companies committed to take specific measures to make sure their global clientele will not be deprived of ample quantities of gums at fair prices.
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[6/16/2005] Tests Magnesium Supplements; Nineteen of Twenty-One Pass: Failures Due to Lead Levels
US-based has released its report on the quality of magnesium supplements in the U.S. marketplace, noting that of 21 products, it found two products to contain approximately 2 micrograms of lead per daily dose -- more than the amount permitted in California without a warning label.
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[6/15/2005] Introducing QNIA - A Natural Healthcare Organization Designed To Support Leading Healthcare Suppliers in Australia
A new non-profit organization based on the Gold Coast, Australia has been launched. The Queensland Nutraceutical Industry Association (QNIA), an initiative of the Queensland Department of State Development and Innovation, is intended to assist Queensland natural healthcare companies with economic growth by providing a forum for education, networking and expanding business.
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[6/13/2005] USP Lab to Open in India
According to an article on, the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) will invest around Rs 20 crore to establish a pharmacopoeial laboratory at Hyderabad, India, with 25 scientists from the United Sates and India expected to locate at the facility. According to the article, the facility will support national and regional activities in India, including the Indian Pharmacopoeia.
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[6/10/2005] China: Nu Skin Prepares For Lifting of Sales Ban
According to an article on, US-based direct-selling Nu Skin Enterprises will open a factory in China's Fengxian District, south of Shanghai, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2005 or early 2006. The move is in anticipation of rules which would allow direct-selling in China, originally expected for December of 2004, with analysts now saying that the new expected date is July of this year. According to the article, Nu Skin will sell products through retail outlets until the direct-selling industry opens, and hopes for a tripling of its nutrition product sales in China over the next three years.
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[6/9/2005] Nordic Naturals Adopts Scandinavian Label Standard For Fish Oil Supplements
Fish oil and essential fatty acid supplement company Nordic Naturals, Inc. has announced a label change for the company's fish oil supplements to identify the amount of EPA and DHA by both area percentage (volume) as well as weight.
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[6/8/2005] Cyanotech Corporation Announces Results of Independent Laboratory Testing of Spirulina
US-based microalgae products company Cyanotech Corporation (CYAN) has announced that testing done at the Department of Biological Sciences at Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio), on Spirulina Pacifica have confirmed the absence of BMAA, a potential toxin. The testing was done to respond to an article in the April 2005 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS 102:5074-5078), which showed that the toxin was found in diverse groups of cyanobacteria, although not specifically Spirulina.
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[6/7/2005] Vitamin Angel Alliance Launches: ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’
US-based non-profit Vitamin Angel Alliance has introduced its ‘Be an Angel. Save a Life’ counter cards into the retail marketplace. The cards are designed to help the organization raise money and awareness with retailers and consumers in order to provide an impact against chronic malnutrition around the world.
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[6/6/2005] BioLogic Health Solutions Launches New Web Site
Australia-based ingredient company BioLogic Health Solutions Pty Ltd. has announced the launch of a new web site at, offering a company overview, product information and supporting research.
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[6/6/2005] Schools Opening Up to Alternative Medicine
According to an Associated Press article, doctors at the University of Pennsylvania are working with Tai Sophia Institute, an alternative medicine school in Maryland, on a program expected to start in August which will teach medical students about alternative medicine including herbal remedies in a partnership that will offer graduates a master's degree in complementary and alternative medicine. According to the article, more than 95 of US medical schools currently require some kind of some kind of complementary and alternative medicine coursework.
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[6/3/2005] Switzerland: Complementary Medicines No Longer Covered by Basic Health Insurance
According to an article on NZZonline, Switzerland's interior minister Pascal Couchepin has announced that five types of complementary medicine would no longer be covered by basic health insurance, based on failing to meet criteria on efficacy, suitability and cost-effectiveness laid down in Switzerland's health-insurance law. The therapies, homeopathy, herbal medicine, neural therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and anthroposophic medicine, had been under evaluation since 1999, when a ruling declared that they would be covered, and the current decision preempts a $5.6 million) study on complementary medicine which is due to be published this year.
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[6/2/2005] KGK Synergize Receives Multi-Site ISO 9001:2000 Certification
Canada-based contract research services company KGK Synergize has announced that it has received registration of its quality management system, ISO 9001:2000 (#CA05/3474), through registrar, SGS Systems & Services Certification Canada Inc.
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[6/1/2005] Nu Skin Opens Beijing Store
According to an article on, US-based Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. has opened a flagship store in Beijing featuring Nu Skin personal care products and Pharmanex nutritional supplements. According to the article, the company is set to open up retail outlets in three provincial capitals this month, as well as additional smaller outlets.
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