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Part 7: Products & Services (May 2005)

[5/31/2005] ShopNBC and Isomers Laboratories Launch New Line of Patented Nutritional Supplements
Home shopping retailer ShopNBC and personal care company Isomers have announced the introduction of a new line of nutritional supplements to be sold exclusively through ShopNBC. The 'CORE' product, according to the companies, contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and probiotics, packaged in a 30 day supply, while the SKIN product contains Biocell collagen type II, carnosine and catocyanic complex.
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[5/31/2005] Pronova Biocare Sets New Industry Impurity Standards
Norway-based omega-3 fatty acids supplier Pronova Biocare has announced that it has raised company-wide quality standards and is now lowering specification limits for organic pollutants and heavy metals in all oils, ethylesters (EE) and triglycerides (TG). The company notes that the latest steps place the company beyond any requirements set by regulatory authorities.
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[5/26/2005] Guayaki Launches Bottled Organic Energy Drinks
Yerba Mate company Guayakí has announced the introduction of a line of healthy Organic Energy Drinks made with 100% organic cane juice, organic rainforest-grown yerba mate, and free of artificial colors or flavors. The products are offered in Traditional Mate, Empower Mint, and Raspberry Revolution flavors.
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[5/26/2005] Natural Fiber Supplement, Senokot(TM) Brand Wheat Bran, Now Available
US-based pharmaceutical company Purdue Products L.P. has announced the introduction of Senokot(TM) Brand Wheat Bran, a fiber supplement made with 100 percent natural wheat bran, now available at pharmacy, retail and grocery outlets.
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[5/26/2005] Susan Lark, MD, and Healthy Directions Develop Nutritional Formula for Balancing Digestive Health
Susan Lark, MD and US-based Healthy Directions, have announced the introduction of Daily Balance Probiotic Answer, a nutritional supplement targeted at women's digestive systems, and available exclusively through Doctors' Preferred, LLC, a subsidiary of Healthy Directions.
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[5/26/2005] Iron-Tek(TM) Introduces Essential Muscle Lipids Product
Country Life(R) has announced the introduction of 'Essential Muscle Lipids' to the company's Iron-Tek(R) product line. The product contains a combination of fish, flax and borage oils.
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[5/25/2005] Cevena Bioproducts Launches Viscofiber®
Canada-based ingredient company Cevena Bioproducts has announced the launch of Viscofiber®, a grain-based, high-viscosity beta glucan derived from the cellular walls of oats and barley. According to the company, the product is available in two forms which are derived from either oat or barley at concentrations of 50% and 60%, respectively.
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[5/24/2005] UK: Milk on Sale With Extra Omega-3
According to an article in the UK's Guardian, milk containing omega-3 fatty acids derived from oily fish is going on sale at UK supermarkets this week. According to the article, a fish oil blend has been fed to the cattle, with Marks & Spencer selling the end product for 69p for a 750ml carton.
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[5/19/2005] Natrol Announces Launch of brainSpeed
US-based supplement company Natrol, Inc. (NASDAQ:NTOL) has announced the launch of its brainSpeed(TM) line of three cognitive health supplements that include a patent-pending formula -- the brainSpeed Blend(TM). According to the company, through the use of the brainSpeedOmeter(TM) online test, (a partnership with Cognitive Labs) consumers can establish a baseline for their mental processing speed and then verify product results on an individual basis.
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[5/18/2005] New Chapter Is First to Satisfy USDA's National Organic Program Standards for Multivitamins
US-based supplement company New Chapter Inc. has announced that it has re-launched its probiotic multivitamin line using the standards of the USDA's National Organic Program as a guideline and has had its multivitamin probiotics reviewed and approved to NOP standards by a USDA-accredited, third-party certifier.
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[5/13/2005] Organic India Announces First Line of Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil) Available in North America
India-based Organic India has announced the introduction of a line of certified organic Tulsi Tea that includes six blends including Original Tulsi; Tulsi Ginger; Tulsi Gotu Kola; Tulsi Chai; Tulsi Green Tea; and Tulsi Darjeeling.
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[5/11/2005] Stellar Pharmaceuticals Launches Uracyst in the UK
According to an article on, Canada-based Stellar Pharmaceuticals Inc. has announced that sales of the company's Uracyst sodium chondroitin sulfate solution have begin in the UK through Germany-based G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH, the company's European licensee. According to the company, the product is formulated to treat interstitial cystitis by supplementing and replenishing deficiencies in the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) lining of the bladder wall, which then acts as a barrier against irritants, toxins and bacteria.
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[5/11/2005] Jarrow Introduces Ester Carnitine(TM)
US-based supplement company Jarrow Formulas’ has introduced Ester Carnitine™ (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCI), a novel L-Carnitine molecule from Sigma-tau HealthScience.
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[5/9/2005] Japan: Health Boom Jazzing Up Production of Bottled Water
An article in the Japan Times notes that the health boom in Japan is having a significant effect on the bottled water industry as various classes of beverage maker introduce new products. The article specifically notes Suntory Ltd.'s launch of Mizumizu-Shia which contains deep sea water and fiber, and House Foods Corp. with its 'Mineralist' product containing zinc, copper and iron, targeted at women at risk for osteoporosis.
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[5/4/2005] Decas Botanical Synergies Introduces NutriCran Organic; 100% Organic Cranberry Powder
Company introduces NutriCran(R)ORGANIC, a 100% organic cranberry powder made from the whole cranberry without carriers or excipients and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).
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[5/4/2005] Acatris Launches New Grade of Fenulife
Company announces launch of FenuLife Concentrate, a new grade of FenuLife®, designed specifically for use in functional foods, and designed to work as an emulsifier and stabilizer in food products
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[5/4/2005] New Tate & Lyle Ingredient Solution Sets Provide Choices for Cereal and Granola Bars
Company announces the launch of two new ingredient solution sets, Rebalance System(TM) 33 and Carb Optimizer (TM) 50 Cereal Bar Ingredients.
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[5/3/2005] Hunt's, Orville Redenbacher's to Launch Organic Products
Two of ConAgra Foods flagship brands - Hunt's(R) and Orville Redenbacher's(R) are set to introduce organic products later this year, bearing the "USDA Organic" seal.
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[5/3/2005] Biodar launches BetaCote(TM) 20VB in Europe
Israel-based Biodar has announced the launch in Europe of BetaCote(TM) 20VB, a patented vegetarian and vegan formulation of beta carotene beadlets designed for tablet-grade nutrition supplements. The company also notes its mineral line designed specifically for the children's market as well as BetaCote(TM) 20VB as it prepares for IFT in North America in July.
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[5/2/2005] Forbes Medi-Tech Announces Product Launch with Kesko of Finland
Canada-based Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. (TSX:FMI and NASDAQ:FMTI) has announced that Finland-based Kesko has launched a range of yogurts incorporating Forbes' Reducol(tm) ingredient, targeted at lowering cholesterol. According to the company, the initiative is the result of the company's partnership with Finland-based Scanvit Ltd.
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