Patent Awarded to PharmaNutrients for CLA Composition to Impact Inflammation

CHICAGO, IL (January 26, 2005) – PharmaNutrients, a leading research and development company and supplier of proprietary, science-based nutritional ingredients, has announced the US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company US Patent # 6,838,451. Entitled “Methods and Compositions for the Prevention and Treatment of Inflammation, Osteoarthritis, and other Degenerative Joint Diseases”, this patent uses a unique CLA-based composition. It includes 25 claims addressing a host of inflammation-related disorders.

CLA’s mechanism of action mimics that of omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil, which have been proven to have significant health benefits. Research to date suggests CLA may help maintain a healthy heart and veins, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and act as an anti-oxidant with anti-atherogenic properties.

PharmaNutrients is recognized for creating the first nutritional dietary supplement targeted at “Body Composition” by introducing Tonalin CLA and then creating the “Fat Binding” market with Absorbitol brand chitosan complex. Since its de-merger with Natural ASA of Norway in 1999, PharmaNutrients has further developed new applications for CLA beyond the established weight management market and has filed numerous patents. The utility of the new patent is far reaching, with strong scientific support linking inflammation with chronic diseases.

Dr. Susie Rockway, Director of Research and Development at PharmaNutrients, stated: “The impact of CLA on numerous biochemical parameters in the body clearly demonstrated that this unique fatty acid had a lot more to contribute to health and homeostasis than just fat loss. The ability of CLA One to reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokines seen in our Penn State study, suggested numerous functions for CLA. We have studies planned to enable us to better understand its mechanism and further validate this technology.”

Mark Nottoli, President and founder of PharmaNutrients explained: “It has been PharmaNutrients’ strategy to create new technologies and applications for CLA beyond the initial role we identified in body composition. The new patent serves to strengthen and reinforce our position as a leader and innovator for CLA competence. This is the first in a series of patents PharmaNutrients expects to receive in the coming year, allowing us to continue providing our customers exclusive and unique products while expanding our I.P. portfolio.”

About PharmaNutrients, Inc.:

Dedicated to creating products to enhance wellness, PharmaNutrients ( supports research investigating fatty acids and soluble fibers. The company's activities encompass multiple technology platforms focused on creating solutions to obesity-related health issues including weight management, inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular health. PharmaNutrients’ conjugated linoleic acid and chitosan-based products are used in a wide range of dietary supplements.

Mark Nottoli, President
PharmaNutrients, Inc.
[email protected]

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