Patented Fish Oil Blend and Neurodevelopmental Interventions Improve Functional Behaviors Among Mexican Orphans

Watsonville, CA (March 6, 2006) Functional and nutritional interventions showed improvements among children in an orphanage in Saltillo, Mexico. At the end of the 5-month program evaluation, 17 of the 20 children, ages 5-14 years, showed measurable improvements.

The interventions were based on the Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency program (HANDLE(R)). The 16 functional difficulties included hyperactivity, aggression, impulsivity, emotional lability, reading and math difficulties, and social isolation, among others.

There were three dietary changes: 1) making water the principal beverage, replacing a powder-based sugar drink; 2) ensuring one serving of animal protein per day; and 3) supplementing the children’s diet with ProEFA(TM) Junior [Omega-3-6-9(TM) Junior], an essential fatty acid blend from Nordic Naturals, Inc., Watsonville, CA.

The children were screened and ranked prior to the intervention period, dietary changes were made, and activity programs designed to address their difficulties were implemented by trained caregivers.

The children were then screened and ranked after the 5-month intervention period. Of the 20 children in the program, 17 demonstrated a significant decrease in the amount of interference they experienced from their identified issues. The largest improvement in function was seen in the 2 children with the most significant problems. The 3 children who showed little improvement had very low scores at baseline.

Healthcare professionals interested in more detail may email [email protected]. For information about HANDLE go to

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