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PeptoPro Goes Sonic has announced the launch of advanced formula Sonic Protein, described as "the world's fastest absorbing protein". Developed for professional body builders and sports professionals, Sonic Protein is a powdered beverage which uses DSM's unique PeptoPro(tm) casein hydrolysates to reach the body's muscles faster than other proteins, delivering significant benefits pre- and post-workout.

"The fast absorption and proven performance benefits of PeptoPro really impressed us" commented Alex Rogers, President of "When fast absorption is needed before, during or after a workout, regular whey or hydrolyzed whey is not good enough - that's why we've added 'Lightning Peptides', which for us describes how PeptoPro performs."

Each 80g serving of Sonic Protein contains 17.5g of PeptoPro and can be consumed before, during and after exercise to harness the exceptional benefits of DSM's performance peptide. A unique patented peptide mixture, PeptoPro contains mostly di- and tri peptides, which are absorbed without digestion and assimilate into the system faster than single amino acids or intact proteins. This means it provides energy directly to the muscles, helping to reduce fatigue, promoting faster recovery and repairing damaged muscle tissue. It is utilised straight away by the body and can be consumed before, during and straight after exercise with no negative side effects.

"With PeptoPro, we have eliminated the bitter taste associated with previous peptide products to improve their palatability when used in sports drinks," says National Accounts Manager, PeptoPro, Reto Rieder. "It is now possible for everyone to benefit from great tasting protein based sports beverages, which have been shown to significantly shorten the recovery phase after exercise and prevent muscle damage."

For further information on PeptoPro in the US: please contact: Reto Rieder National Accounts Manager, PeptoPro, DSM Food Specialties USA, Inc. Tel: 951 461 1619: Email Or visit

For wholesale distribution of Sonic Protein please contact: Alex Rogers, President Tel: 732 920 5710 Email: or go to

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