Pharmachem Laboratories Announces New Director of Marketing

KEARNY, NJ, April 11, 2006- Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hire of Ms. Monica Johnson as their new Director of Marketing. Monica has been working in the natural products industry for the past six years in both a research and development capacity as well as sales and marketing. She has been retained by Pharmachem to expand their business into the cosmetic/ personal care marketplace, focusing on the extraction and processing capabilities at the Avoca location, Merry Hill, NC. She holds a Masters degree in plant genetics and is an active member of the Society for Cosmetic Chemists, New York Chapter.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. is a major supplier of nutritional and branded ingredients to the natural products and food and beverage industries. Pharmachem operates three manufacturing and processing locations in New Jersey, with corporate offices at its plant in Kearny. Pharmachem owns four subsidiaries in the U.S. and one in Canada: H. Reisman Corporation (Orange, NJ), MPT Delivery Systems (Paterson, NJ), American Ingredients (Anaheim, CA), Avoca (Merry Hill, NC), and Proprietary Nutritionals (Brantford, ON).

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