Pharmachem Launches National Consumer Marketing Campaign for New, Patented Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer

KEARNY, NJ, July 17, 2007 – Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. announced it is launching its most comprehensive national marketing campaign to date to create consumer awareness and demand for its new, patented Phase 2 Cr® with Foodbound™ chromium.

“We will continue our highly successful consumer media relations effort, and, for the first time, will be implementing a consumer advertising campaign around our new, patented Phase 2,” said Mitch Skop, director of new product development.
According to Skop, the advertising firm of Lobo & Petrocine, Melville, NY, has been retained to develop the campaign expected to start later this year.
“We are excited about working with this talented group whose concepts and implementation skills in our industry have been so exciting in the past,” he said. “New trade ads announcing the campaign to retailers will begin appearing in September enabling them to stock up on products containing Phase 2 in order to meet anticipated consumer demand.”

Skop also announced that Natrol, Inc., Chatsworth, CA, is the first marketer to launch the patented Phase 2 Cr in its new, improved Carb Intercept, nationwide.

“Natrol has a great national distribution system, and we expect other brand owners to launch the new Phase 2, as well,” said Skop. The increased product on shelf, combined with our intensified marketing effort, makes us very optimistic about the potential for new Phase 2.”

The consumer publicity campaign will include such spokespersons as Julia Griggs Havey, author of The Vice Busting Diet, and Chef Gerard Viverito, a culinary instructor, who will highlight the many food applications of Phase 2 through “Functional Cooking” demonstrations for the media and at industry events.

The publicity campaign will also include major book media tours by Harry G. Preuss, M.D., professor, Georgetown University, author of The Natural Fat Loss Pharmacy, and Sherry Torkos, pharmacist and author of The Glycemic Index Made Simple.”

Media Relations, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, will continue to coordinate the national media relations program by arranging interviews for the spokespersons on national television and cable shows, radio networks, and in national magazines. The company will also focus on arranging local broadcast and print interviews in the top 50 U.S. markets and Canada.
Other components of the campaign include newspaper feature columns, a variety of sales promotion materials, and an upgraded Web site, For a copy of the National Marketing Program kit, please call 1-800-526-0609.
An extract of the white bean, Phase 2 is the first weight control ingredient with two permitted structure function claims: “May assist in weight control when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan; may reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches. It is the first nutritional ingredient clinically shown to reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Phase 2 has been affirmed “Generally Recognized As Safe,” (GRAS) for dietary supplements and food products.

Phase 2 is distributed globally and can be found in over 300 consumer products.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Kearny, NJ, develops, supplies and manufactures a variety of high-quality, efficacious ingredients for the dietary supplement and food industries. Ingredients are manufactured under the strictest quality control in accordance with cGMP standards. For more information, log-on to; or call 1-800-526-0609.


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