Pharmline Reopens Office in Shanghai, China with Tightened Quality Assurance and Vendor Compliance Monitoring

Pharmline Inc., Florida, NY, announces the company will restart it operations in Shanghai, China, effective 1 April 2008 in order to ensure its highest food safety standards. Since the US has become justifiably concerned about importing ingredients from China, Pharmline has implemented the most rigid control of Quality Assurance and Vendor Compliance Monitoring The new unit will be headed by Mrs Fang Ping, who received her Master degree in environment engineering from the prestigious University of Nanjing University of Science & Technology. “The operation will be focused on quality assurance and vendor compliance issues,” said Dr. Chunlin Wang, V.P. of Quality Control at Pharmline. The company plans to conduct regular GMP audits of its top vendors, Environmental Audits and regular Web meetings with Vendor Quality Control departments to collaborate on analytical methodologies, HACCP and current issues of concern to the industry.
"This strategic move intends to attain the highest level of confidence in the quality of ingredients we currently source in China," explains Mitchell Kleinman, President of Pharmline. "We believe this move not only ensures traceability of every incoming raw material to the pallet or drum level but also makes sure our suppliers are working in compliance with GMP, ISO and HACCP standards, thus protecting our customers’ creditability through providing high-value ingredients."

“Pharmline intends to maintain its lead as one of the best GMP-certified suppliers of nutritional ingredients and value-added services, extending our objectives for total supply-chain traceability to a global scale”, concluded Dr. Wang.

About Pharmline

Pharmline Inc., a subsidiary of Gadot Biochemical Industries, Ltd., specializes in custom formulations, large capacity blending of liquids, powders and granulations. It provides custom designed premixed blends services to the dietary supplements and the food & beverages industries. In addition to offering other custom contract services, they are the exclusive North American distributor of EPAX AS Marine Omega 3 fish oil, Industrial Organica Hi-Fil™ Lutein and Zeaxanthin products and Burgundy Botanical Extracts trio of patented products, EyesBerry™, IridoForce™ and UTIRose™.

To learn more about Pharmline, visit: or call (845) 651-4443.


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