Pilot Study Shows Cevena’s Viscofiber®, Combined with Diet And Lifestyle Program, Promotes Significant Weight Loss

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – Cevena Bioproducts has announced it just completed a pilot study of its flagship ingredient Viscofiber® demonstrating that the ingredient helps in weight loss; the study is scheduled for publication later this year.

Seven adult subjects with BMIs between 25 and 35, were recruited for the 16-week trial. Each subject consumed four grams of Viscofiber® per day for 16 weeks. The study demonstrated that the combination of Viscofiber®, a calorie-restricted diet and healthy lifestyle caused a significant loss of weight. In addition, the subjects experienced a decrease in hunger and an earlier onset of fullness when eating.

“Weight loss continues to be a top concern among a variety of Americans,” says Rod Charko, president of Cevena Bioproducts. “The key for successful weight loss with a dietary supplement ingredient is promoting a healthy and sustainable loss of excess weight. Viscofiber® not only helps promote weight loss, it is a pure fiber extract that also promotes healthy cholesterol and improved glycemic response.”

Furthermore, the study has revealed that Viscofiber® is distinctive compared to other fiber materials for its particular role in promoting weight loss. Charko notes, “This study validates that Viscofiber® has tremendous market potential.”

About Viscofiber®

Viscofiber® products are breakthrough oat and barley beta-glucan concentrates specifically formulated for the dietary supplement and functional food ingredient markets. Viscofiber® is the only high-viscosity and high-concentration oat beta-glucan (up to 50%) available in a GRAS affirmed, multi-functional ingredient.

This high-viscosity, water-soluble fiber is made through a proprietary process which maintains the naturally high molecular weight of the beta-glucan, preserving its viscosity (thickness) and ensuring its effectiveness. Viscofiber® delivers multiple health benefits including improved cholesterol levels, improved glycemic response, glucose management and increased satiety for weight loss formulations.

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