Pittsburgh Based Associates in Ophthalmology Now Offers Patients Nutritional Vitamin Supplements Through a Partnership with Douglas Laboratories

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pittsburgh based Associates in Ophthalmology (AIO), is very pleased to announce a new program offering nutritional vitamin supplements to promote eye care through a partnership with Douglas Laboratories. For over a century, Associates in Ophthalmology and the talented surgeons Dr. Daniel V. Zimmer, Dr. Brian Jewart, Dr. Lisa M. Cibik, Dr. Miguel Busquets, Dr. John P. Nairn and Dr. Martin Boscarino have been a leader in providing Pennsylvania eye care. They have performed progressive eye surgery procedures to protect and preserve the vision of thousands of patients suffering from macular degeneration and other conditions. Through their Pittsburgh Lasik office and other research facilities, Associates in Ophthalmology has remained at the cutting edge of eye care technology.

Douglas Laboratories has been providing the Health Care industry with nutritional supplements of exceptional quality for over 50 years. Through this partnership, both organizations hope to raise public awareness of the importance of proper nutrition in promoting eye health. This new partnership will make it easier for patients suffering from a wide range of vision problems to get the vitamin supplements that they need to retain their vision throughout the course of their lives.

In recent years, clinical studies have shown that adequate nutrition is critically important for promoting eye health and is a key component for maintaining healthy vision. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study, a clinical trial sponsored by the National Eye Institute, found that high doses of antioxidants, including zinc and vitamin C, as well as lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids are key to protecting and maintaining healthy vision.

Thus far, Associates in Ophthalmology and Douglas Laboratories have developed six different Nutriceutical vitamin supplements to preserve eye health as part of their Ocular Nutritional Program. They are:

A.R.M.D. Eye Support
A.R.M.D. Eye Support Beta
Dry Eye Support Pack
Dry Eye Support Pack + Multivitamin
Sight Smart

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