POS Pilot Plant and Clients To Benefit from Newly-Created Process Technology Research Position

Saskatoon, SK, Canada- POS Pilot Plant is pleased to announce that Dr. Derk te Bokkel has joined its staff as Senior Scientist, Process Technology Research.

"The purpose of this newly-created position is two-fold," explains Robert E. Morgan, POS President & CEO. "It is intended to result in new technologies for our clients, and enhanced business opportunities for POS. First, POS will remain at the forefront of new technology awareness and capability. Dr. te Bokkel will help achieve that through developing collaborative arrangements with other life-sciences organizations, and through his own in-house research program. Second, Dr. te Bokkel's engineering expertise will help ensure that clients' processes are optimized for peak efficiency."

Dr. te Bokkel brings significant bioprocessing experience to his new position, having served in various organizations within the industry prior to joining POS. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, and professional engineering certification from 3 Canadian provinces. He is named as a co-inventor in 5 patents.

POS Pilot Plant is a contract research and development and processing facility specializing in extraction, fractionation, purification and modification of bio-based materials. It serves organizations in industries such as food and ingredients, wellness, bioproducts, and agricultural biotechnology. It is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. See www.pos.ca for more information.

POS Pilot Plant Corp.

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fax: (306) 975-3766

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