PowderPure experiences growth, expands facility and production capacity

PowderPure experiences growth, expands facility and production capacity

PowderPure uses the patented Infrared Zone Drying (RZD™) to create powders that retain nearly 100 percent of the nutrients and flavor of the fruits and vegetables from which they are made.

Columbia PhytoTechnology, parent company of PowderPure™, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new manufacturing facility, located in The Dalles, Ore. The available processing space of the new facility will total nearly 70,000 square feet.

Part of ongoing growth, this new processing capacity is scheduled to be on line in May of 2012 and will allow PowderPure to produce more than 60,000 kgs of the highest-quality fruit and vegetable powders each month. During the next three years, anticipated volume will increase to more than 250,000 kgs of powder per month.

PowderPure's patented drying technique, called Infrared Zone Drying (RZD™), utilizes a specific wavelength of natural energy that targets water molecules, while leaving nearly 100 percent of nutrients. The resulting powder has the best retention of flavor and nutrients of any large-scale drying method on the market. RZD™ is environmentally friendly because it is the most energy efficient method of dehydration and is highly scalable, which will make it possible to preserve food that would otherwise go to waste.

“We can now provide a higher-quality, nutritionally-rich and flavorful answer to the traditional freeze drying, while offering a more competitive price point,” said Mark Savarese, chief executive officer. “With our additional facility, we will be able to increase our efficiency and pass that cost savings along to our customers.”

The addition of the new building will provide space for PowderPure’s projected growth during the next three to five years. By the end of 2013, PowderPure expects to increase the number of its employees to more than 100 people.

“Our patented drying technology really put us on the map as a powder producer,” Savarese said. “With our increased capacity and lower price point, we could end up owning the map. This is just the beginning of our quest of bringing our food processing and preservation technology to the world.”

Visit PowderPure.com for more information about products, services and career opportunities.

About Columbia Phytotechnology and PowderPure
Columbia PhytoTechnology offers the patented RZD™ drying technology to revolutionize the industry and improve the quality of the ingredients consumed around the world. RZD™ makes it possible for PowderPure and its licensing partners to create affordable powders, which are as nutritious and flavorful as the fruits and vegetables from which they are made.
The mission of Columbia PhytoTechnology and PowderPure is to provide sustainable solutions to nutritional needs. Our facilities are located along the lush Columbia River Gorge in the heart of the fertile Pacific Northwest agricultural region.


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