PowerBar Introduces POWERBAR(R) PRIA(R) COMPLETE NUTRITION Bars and Shakes Designed Specifically for Women

BERKELEY, Calif., April 13, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- PowerBar today announced it has expanded its PRIA(R) women's nutrition product line with POWERBAR(R) PRIA(R) COMPLETE NUTRITION -- a new offering of great-tasting, nutrient-dense bars and shakes specifically formulated for women. Providing a balanced blend of carbohydrates, protein and essential vitamins and minerals to help women meet their nutritional needs, the POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION line delivers 40 to 50 percent of women's recommended daily value of calcium, with 170 calories and low sugar levels. The line consists of three tasty, crispy-textured bars and two indulgent and satisfying shakes, and will be available nationwide in spring 2005.

"The new USDA Dietary Guidelines reflect the fact that many Americans exceed their caloric needs without meeting essential nutrient requirements," said PowerBar Nutritionist Eric Zaltas. "As a result, the guidelines encourage us to control portion size and caloric intake and to shift to more nutrient-dense foods." Fortified with calcium, five to seven grams of fiber and more than 20 vitamins and minerals, the 170-calorie POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION bars and shakes are formulated in alignment with the new guidelines and provide convenient solutions for women looking for practical ways to incorporate the USDA's nutritional recommendations into their lifestyle.


Designed to be consumed any time of day as a nutritious and satisfying meal replacement or snack option, the POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION shake is an indulgent-tasting, 170-calorie drink created with specific nutrition for women. It provides a balanced blend of carbohydrates, protein, and 21 vitamins and minerals, including 28 percent of the recommended daily value of fiber and 50 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, and is free of trans fats and artificial flavorings. The POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION shake offers 50 percent less sugar, more fiber and fewer calories than the leading regular weight loss shake.(1)

"Our consumer research within the calorie-control shake category identified the need for a great-tasting shake with just the right nutrition for women," said Pria Brand Manager Andy Hill. "Our new Pria Complete Nutrition shake offers a unique combination of the important daily nutrients women need, such as calcium, fiber and protein, with only 170 calories. Entering this new market segment is an exciting step, and we're thrilled to provide women with new calorie-control snack and meal replacement options to assist with dietary goals."

The shakes are sold in packs of four 11-fluid-ounce servings. Available in two flavors -- Creamy Milk Chocolate and French Vanilla -- approximately 60 percent of women surveyed preferred the PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION Creamy Milk Chocolate shake over a comparable flavor from a leading reduced sugar competitive brand.(2)


The new POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION bar combines great taste with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals designed to meet women's specific nutritional needs. Each 170-calorie bar provides 40 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, five grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein. Compared to current leading everyday nutrition bars, PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION bars offer 25 percent less sugar.(3)

"In response to the government's new dietary guidelines, we anticipate demand within the everyday nutrition bar segment to continue to grow as consumers look to improve their diets with smarter food choices," said Pria Brand Manager Andy Hill. "Our new Pria Complete Nutrition bars are convenient, nutrient-dense snacks for women looking for simple, practical solutions towards a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle."

Pria Complete Nutrition bars offer a delicious crispy center covered with an indulgent chocolatey or creamy yogurt coating and are available in three flavors -- Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp, Chocolate Mint Crisp and French Vanilla Crisp. Sixty-seven percent of women surveyed preferred PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION Chocolate Mint Crisp over a comparable flavor from the current balanced nutrition bar category leader.(4)

Available in spring 2005, the POWERBAR PRIA COMPLETE NUTRITION line will be distributed nationwide via major retailers and the Pria Web site (powerbar.com/pria). Suggested retail price is $1.49 per bar and $6.15 for a pack of four 11-fluid-ounce shakes.

About PowerBar

PowerBar is committed to helping enhance the health and wellness of active individuals by providing convenient nutritional products and sound nutrition information. Backed by decades of sports nutrition experience, PowerBar's product line includes a full spectrum of great-tasting food and beverage options developed to meet the nutrition and energy needs of everyone from athletes to individuals seeking healthy food choices. PowerBar proudly fuels world-class athletes including Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps, and sponsors premier organizations and events including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training(R); Ironman North America Triathlons; and the Chicago, Boston and ING New York City Marathons. PowerBar is owned by Nestle SA.

(1) Ingredient comparison to regular Slim-Fast(R) Creamy Milk Chocolate
shake product label. Slim-Fast(R) is a registered trademark of
Slim-Fast Foods Company.

(2) PowerBar Research: Tragon taste-testing research conducted in
November 2004 with a sample size of 157 women. PowerBar(R) Pria(R)
Complete Nutrition shake Creamy Milk Chocolate flavor was preferred
59 percent to 41 percent vs. Slim-Fast(R) Optima(TM) Creamy Milk

(3) Pria Complete Nutrition bars contain 7-8 grams sugar vs. 11 grams
average per 45 grams of the leading everyday nutrition bars.

(4) PowerBar Research: Tragon taste-testing research conducted in
December 2004 with a sample size of 163 women. PowerBar Pria
Complete Nutrition Chocolate Mint flavor was preferred 67% to 33%
vs. ZonePerfect(R) Chocolate Mint.

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