Preliminary Clinical Trial of Nuhair Natural Hair Loss Products Reports Impressive Success Rates in Women

More than nine in ten subjects taking the products in a six-month double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial report hair loss improvement using Biotech's NuHair product

Bangor, Maine --Important new findings from a preliminary clinical trial of NuHairTM, a two-component herbal supplement designed to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair, were announced today. Subjects who completed the clinical trial and took NuHair demonstrated statistical improvement over placebo groups in hair thickness, perceived appearance, and hair loss improvement at both the three (3) and six (6) month intervals.

Specifically, more than nine-in-ten (92.3%) of the subjects that completed the NuHair clinical trial reported hair loss improvement. Additional top-line findings of those subjects completing the clinical trial include:

Perceived Appearance: More than three-fourths (76.9%) of the subjects taking NuHair reported some level of improvement in their perceived appearance compared to fourteen percent (14.3%) taking the placebo.

Thickness: More than three-in-four subjects (77.0%) taking NuHair reported some level of improvement.

Additionally, there were indications that actual hair growth was attained but the Company is awaiting a second trial to affirm those results.

Approximately 90% of the subjects taking NuHair were "happy" or "extremely happy" with the product. Two-thirds of subjects taking NuHair reported that they would continue to use the product while approximately thirty percent (31%) were uncertain. More than six-in-ten subjects taking NuHair reported that they would recommend the product to others.

About the Clinical Trial: The prospective, randomized, double-blinded placebo controlled clinical trial was conducted by Marshall-Blum, LLC, for BioTech Corporation. The clinical trial, which surpassed Institutional Review Board design requirements, was limited to women between the ages 40-60. Twenty-six (26) and seven (7) subjects completed the trial on product and placebo, respectively.

About NuHair: NuHair, which is also sold under the brand name Shen Min, is a two-component herbal system designed for internal and external use to reduce hair loss and support hair health. More information about NuHair is available at

About Marshall-Blum, LLC: Marshall-Blum is a unique healthcare consulting and research firm, specializing in clinical trials advanced methods of data analysis and outcome-based solutions. More information about Marshall-Blum LLC is available at

About BioTech Corporation: Headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut, BioTech Corporation ( is a leading provider of natural products that help people look and feel better. Founded in 1994, BioTech began by offering natural hair growth supplements. Since that time, BioTech's product line has been dramatically expanded to include more than 30 SKUs. Distribution has been expanded with the Company's products now being available in 12 international markets.

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