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ProHealth Selected as the Authorized USA Distribution Partner for ENADA@ brand NADH Supplements to Manufacturers and Packagers by Tuma Pharma of Malta

September 18,2006 - Tuma Pharma, the license-holder for the original ENADA@ brand of NADH in dietary supplement form, has announced that ProHealth of Santa Barbara California has been appointed as the Authorized Distribution Partner for the ENADA@ brand of NADH in the USA. ProHealth can supply ENADA@ brand NADH to US manufacturers and packagers in bulk foil-protected blister card form or pre-packed in cartons of their own design.

NADH is the name of a natural enzyme (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride) found in all cells of the body. NADH due to its importance in celiular metabolism, helps to rebuild and restore the A TP energy reserves in cells that power our metabolism and maintain our mental and physical performance levels.

ENADA@ is the brand name of a unique patented form of NADH supplement that is both stable over time and is in a form that is bio-available to the body. Discovered and developed by the Austrian researcher Prof. Dr. Jörg Birkmayer, ENADA@ is supported by clinical studies supporting its benefits in increasing physical and mental vitality.

Tuma Pharma owns the worldwide rights for the unique ENADA@ brand manufacturing process for NADH supplements, developed by Prof. Dr. Jörg Birkmayer of Austria, which ensures product stability and bio-availability in the body.

The patents especially for the USA are US/5.332.727, US/5.654.288, US/5.750.512 and US/5.952.312.

No other source of NADH supplement is authorized to use the exclusive manufacturing process, product claims, or Prof. Dr. Jörg Birkmayer's name.

Further information on ENADA@ brand NADH for supplement manufacturers and packagers can be obtained by contacting Stu Morse, Director of Sales & Marketing at 805-564-3064, Ext. 237, or at Information about ProHealth is available at

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