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Published Study Shows Hubner Silica Gel Increases Hair Thickness by 13%

GHENT, NY – According to a study published in Kosmetische Medizin, Hubner Original Silica Gel taken for six months can increase hair thickness by nearly 13 percent.

According to the researchers, the objective of this clinical phase II pilot study was to determine the increase in volume of hair over a six-month period of taking 15 ml of silicium gel orally once daily. The study participants were 55 healthy adult women with thin hair (< 100 mm in diameter). Hair volume increased over the six-month trial period from 58.96 ± 8.23 to 66.42 ± 9.67 mm (or 13%).

Lead researcher I. Zschocke1, writes, “Though largely determined by heredity, hair thickness is also influenced by various factors such as nutrition. Persons with thin hair frequently suffer a considerable psychological strain, and a great many patients seek help from dermatologists and health care centers for treatment. Various studies have established that hair diseases have strong adverse effects on an individual’s quality of life.”

Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA, says, “This study will give retailers and their customers complete confidence that the product lives up to label claims. This is especially important for women who have thin hair that affects their self esteem. And silica also has several other health benefits, making Hubner Original Silica Gel an outstanding daily dietary supplement.”

Zschocke1 added that the study results prove that the hair volume increases significantly over the six-month course of taking the supplement. Even after three months, women reported noticing the efficacy of the product on hair thickness and this thickness increased continuously over an additional period of three months.

Bioforce USA is the exclusive North American marketer of Hubner Original Silica Gel. For more information, call (800) 641 7555 or log onto

I. Zschocke1, et al. “A pilot study on the efficacy of silicium gel on the thickness of hair in healthy women with thin hair.” Kosmetische Medizin (6/07)

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