Pure Fruit Technologies' Broker of the Year Recognized for Outstanding Achievement

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, May 1, 2006 - Pure Fruit Technologies, a Utah-based manufacturer of healthy exotic juice supplements, announced today that New Frontier Marketing was acknowledged as "Broker of the Year" at a recent banquet by Avatar Marketing, who oversees the company's U.S. network of brokers. Tanya Bledsoe accepted the award on behalf on New Frontier Marketing in recognition of their outstanding achievement in reaching a variety of sales goals.

"When you have unique and high quality products like Pure Fruit Technologies, it is easy to get brokers excited and committed to getting retailers to carry the products," stated Kim Driggs, president, Avatar Marketing. "This award exemplifies New Frontier Marketing's remarkable efforts this past year."

Nature's Trading Company was also recognized by Avatar Marketing for getting the most stores to participate in Pure Fruit Technologies' backpack promotion.

"We have been fortunate to have such a tremendous group of brokers who are dedicated to making Pure Fruit Technologies a success," stated Dave Boyd, director of global operations, Pure Fruit Technologies. "We look forward to building upon the momentum established in 2005 as we launch our new juices, Seabuck-7, Goji-Zen and Gac-Chi, into the marketplace."

Pure Fruit Technologies, www.purefruittechnologies.com, is the Utah-based manufacturer of healthy exotic juice supplements. The company has searched the globe for exotic fruits that deliver an array of health benefits, including mangosteen, seabuckthorn, goji and gac, and brought them to consumers in the form of potent, high quality and delicious juice supplements. Founded in 2002, Pure Fruit Technologies' first product was Mango-xan Antioxidant Recovery Formula. The company has expanded its offerings to include Seabuck-7 Rejuvenation Formula, Goji-Zen Longevity Formula and Gac-Chi Heart & Vision Formula. The company's products are sold wholesale to health food retailers and distributors worldwide and are also available direct-to-consumers online.

Avatar Marketing specializes in building sales on behalf of manufacturers in the natural products, mass market, gourmet, specialty, and gift industries.
Since 1986, the Avatar team has successfully worked with product lines existing in or entering the natural products industry, and has achieved significant long-term sales growth throughout North America.

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