Qosmedix Presents Half-Ounce Bath Scoop and Spatulas

Qosmedix is pleased to introduce a competitively priced, high quality bath scoop (#20259) made of durable polypropylene. Ideal for bath salts and other powders, this item is approximately 4-1/2" in length making it small enough to fit in a jar or canister. The scoop has a capacity of 15cc with a two-inch handle for ease of use. For additional sizes and needs, Qosmedix offers a range of scoops, spoons and cups in a variety of materials.

For more information on our bath scoop please call and a Customer Specialist will help you with your selection. To receive a quotation and/or a copy of our catalog, call +1 (631) 242-3270, or fax +1 (631) 242-3291 or e-mail [email protected]. Please visit our website at qosmedix.com to search our interactive catalog and view images and PDF's of each page.

Qosmedix(R) Large Spatulas
The Sanitary Way to Mix, Apply and Remove Product

Qosmedix new large spatulas are the sanitary way to mix, apply and remove products such as cream, wax and mud. These disposable spatulas protect spa and salon clients from cross-contamination and help prevent spoiling of product.

The frosted polypropylene Large Angled Spatula (#24502) measures about 7 inches long, with an angled application surface width of 1-1/4 inches.

The white ABS Large Round Spatula (#24503) is about 6 inches long, with a rounded application surface approximately 1 inch at its widest point.

Qosmedix large spatulas are long enough to enable removal of product from deep jars and containers, reducing waste. The large application surfaces allow quicker, more efficient application and removal of product over areas of the body.

Spatulas can be ordered from Qosmedix in custom colors, and can also be silk screened with a company logo to enhance your brand's recognition.

Contact one of our Specialists for more information and free samples of these products or any of 44 spatulas offered by Qosmedix. To receive help with your selections, receive quotations or request our 240-page 2004 catalog containing hundreds of items, please call +1 (631) 242-3270, fax +1
(631) 242-3291 or e-mail [email protected]. Visit our website for up-to-the-minute products at qosmedix.com

Qosmedix, based in Edgewood, New York, is a global supplier to the cosmetic, skin, bath, and spa industries. Qosmedix provides disposable products that help reduce the hazards of cross contamination and maintain hygiene. Our line includes specialized swabs, brushes, jars, scoops, spatulas, cotton, pipettes, robes, wraps, slippers and disposable spa wear. Qosina, parent company of Qosmedix, offers a selection of health industry components including: clamps, connectors, luers, caps, stopcocks, checkvalves and spikes.

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