Quality of Life Labs Redesigns Web Site

PURCHASE, NY, March 15, 2004 -- Quality of Life Labs (QOL), the exclusive U.S. distributor of the popular immune-enhancing ingredient Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC), has redesigned its Web site at www.Q-O-L.com. QOL's redesign includes improved layout, design and site navigation, which streamlines the overall look and feel of the site.

"We have continually been adding new material to our Web site but it has been several years since we last renovated the entire QOL site," said Hank Cheatham, director of sales and marketing at Quality of Life Labs. "The new site is greatly improved, reflecting a more streamlined design approach. The redesign makes it more user-friendly and better reflects the overall offering of our products."

Q-O-L.com serves as both an informational and educational source for site visitors. It offers detailed product information on AHCC, ImmunoComplex, Kinoko, ImmunoKinoko and GeniKinoko; an explanation of AHCC technology; research information on ingredients AHCC and GCP; a company description and contact information. Site visitors can navigate with ease through the site using the side main menu, designed on each individual page to go from link to link or back to the home page.

Quality of Life Labs, a division of Maypro Industries, Inc., is located in Purchase, New York and is committed to providing safe, unique and efficacious dietary supplements to the natural products marketplace. For further information on Quality of Life Labs, visit the Web site, www.Q-O-L.com.

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