Quinoa – 5000-year-old grain makes comeback as gluten-free breakfast cereal

SAN FRANCISCO (September 19, 2005) – Quinoa - (pronounced “KEEN-wah”) - a grain with amazing nutritional qualities that has been a staple in South American diets for thousands of years is finding its way onto American tables.

Cultivated in the Andean highlands since 3,000 BC, quinoa has been served as a vital part of the Andean diet, used in numerous rituals and present at almost every meal.

“The ancient Incas used to refer to quinoa as the ‘Mother Grain’ and it’s great to see it gaining recognition here in America,” said Christina Mueller, co-founder and President of AltiPlano Gold (www.altiplanogold.com), makers of quinoa instant hot cereal. “When we decided to create delicious, nutritious, minimally processed foods for people with food allergies – quinoa was the perfect choice.”

AltiPlano Gold instant quinoa hot cereal is made from organically grown quinoa and other natural ingredients. The cereal is easy to prepare and ready in minutes – perfect for a quick, wholesome breakfast or nutritious snack. It comes in five gourmet flavors: Oaxacan Chocolate, Chai Almond, Orange Date, Spiced Apple Raisin, and Regular.

A complete source of easily digested vegetarian protein, quinoa contains all eight essential amino acids. It contains healthy oils high in essential linoleic acid, along with essential minerals, and vitamins, and is naturally high in calcium, iron, fiber and phosphorous.

Quinoa also contains more protein than any other grain: an average of 16.2 percent protein, compared to 14 percent for wheat and 7.5 percent for rice. Being gluten free makes it a perfect alternative for people with food allergies and sensitivities, such as celiac disease. According to recent SPINS data, gluten-free product sales are growing at 14.6 percent make up a $600 million market.

AltiPlano Gold is available online at www.altiplanogold.com and at select natural foods stores and supermarkets.


Natasha Klobas, Straus Communications
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